03 November 2013

For Quality SAAB Repairs KingCast Recommends Moe's in Ballard or Sweet Pea Mobile Applications.

Got an older SAAB Turbo? Not sure where to take it for maintenance and repairs in the Northwest? After substantial review I have determined that I will be consulting with Moe's VW and SAAB in Ballard. As their reviews indicate they never gouge you and they often fix things for free, such as my serpentine belt tensioner being loose on Friday -- no more screeeeach!!!! This is not to disparage any other area SAABistas, just saying that I am locked on Moe's, and when they can't get to it I call on Sweet Pea to give things a look-over because she too, will approach the matter with dogged determination.

Got a Volvo? Then go to Larry's, same integrity and work ethic. Is there a Curly for BMWs I wonder.....

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