05 November 2013

A KingCast Back in the Day Moment.... with the SAAB 9000.

Back in the Day, right. When SAABs were SAABs and other cars -- and their marketing campaigns -- were just... ordinary. It is such a shame that SAAB is no longer in production. Out of my eight (8) I feel that the 9000 Turbo is a true World-class car even today -- and I've either owned or driven all of its competition and its little brother 900 and 99 I don't say that lightly. A high performance Bimmer is a thing unto itself mostly in terms of dry handling and flick ability but they are both solid cars with doors that go THUNK and a solid yet lithe feel on the road. The silky-smooth power of the Turbo however, makes it just so much fun on the highway. It's like a giant hand that just pushes you on down the road with a healthy rush of torque that is purely intoxicating. Move propaganda below the fold.

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