30 November 2013

KingCast is Saddened as Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker Dies in Porsche GT.

As TMZ reports, he was a passenger in a single car accident while engaged in charity for victims of the Phillipines Typhoon. This video was initially shot by Kyle Cox and I added in the TMZ information. I am a relatively untrained driver and have had a 911 Turbo (930) scare the shit out of me. This guy explains the situation well regarding his white-knuckle journey in a modified model. Anyway the Carrera GT is in an entirely different league. While more balanced it is much more deadly, sad to say.

26 November 2013

KingCast Sends Condolences to the Kenny Henry Family and Friends.

Start young.... and ride until you leave this Earth.

RIP former AFM racer Kenny Henry. To the Henry family.... I learned of your loss last night while reading about 2 Wheel Podcast's feature film "Why We Ride." As a black man of his age nary a day goes by that I don't think of my own mortality, particularly when I see another brother leave us too early..... and I suppose when I have to go I can certainly respect the Path that he took. And so today, I am about to take a little ride in Your Honor. And as I note at the end of a recent Backfire Motorcycle Night video "Start them young.... and continue until you leave this Earth." Warmest regards and sympathies to everyone in your World.

Donations and Memorial FB page.

25 November 2013

KingCast Presents: Survival... my Favorite Bob Marley Album.

Just watched Marley last night. Awesome. And of course we can't forget Babylon by Bus/Live Kaya tour.

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Observe Revere Neighborhood Developers: Asbestos & Still Dirty and Being Sued at 525 Beach Street.

I met up with Revere's Clifford Pisano and ACLU witness Wanda Strange today to discuss his newly re-filed employment lawsuit (more examples of Revere lawsuits and nigger talk here) and his ongoing litigation with "The Developers" (who have changed their name 3 or 4 times) relative to their history of malfeasance and coverup at the 525 Beach Street Development. Recall that the City allowed them to get this entire project through zoning and Site Plan Review without ever notifying the taxpayers. City Councilor Ira Novoselsky (seen below as taken today with video forthcoming) allowed this to happen; he knew about the testing all along so I say he might as well be on the take. I asked him if he was going to smack my camera again as he did in City Hall as seen on videos below, when that slime ball Miles Lang-Kennedy tried to make me turn my camera off when I complained about it to the City Solicitor.....

Among other things they are trying to usurp almost all of the walkway seen above, leaving just over two feet. This would require the Pisano family to convert to natural gas instead of the existing oil service at a cost of $20,000.00. It is my understanding that Mr. Pisano would settle this case for $7,500.00 were it not for the additional expenditure. Otherwise he demands $27,500.00. However, another proposal would leave more area for oil service and for the Pisano family to use the walkway for groceries and other ingress/egress as noted in pictures filed with the Land Court. Here is your back story; today's video coming, stay tuned. 

20 Dec. 2013 Update -- These liars send Mr. Pisano a letter about the 72-hour notification regarding "previously unknown" gasoline storage tanks. They were known well before the zoning and Site Plan Review process was completed so these people can go straight to hell, right.

16 Dec. 2013 Update -- New movie up! Also, a status conference hearing was held last week pursuant to a TRO and encroachment land use case. The Court deferred Judgment on any and all of that pending the Developers' Motion to Dismiss, which I don't believe has any merit whatsoever....... The Developer went and got Affidavits from Mr. Pisano's parents stating that they didn't give him permission to launch a Land Court case, but they had already given him permission to make arguments on this issue, and plus his mother is 79 and just had a stroke and his father is 89 years old.

Smells pretty shitty to me..... but the joke is probably on the Developer anyway because Mr. Pisano has an Adverse Possession claim as a tenant who maintained the area in question for the past 40 years, ab initio....  time will tell. There is a hearing on the merits scheduled for January if the case does not settle. The City has moved to dismiss too, even though they clearly climbed into bed with the developers such that the taxpayers never knew about the contamination. More on this soon.

UPDATE: Below the fold review the MGL 21-E 72-hour spill condition email from MassDEP Oil and Hazmat Director Steven S. Ross regarding # NE-13-07964 and database No. RTN 3-31887 that was issued the day after Clifford Pisano ran video and I made the above video.
Meanwhile below the fold see the gas tank that nobody wants to talk about at 525 Beach Street. They pulled it out at 7pm last night, under the cover of darkness because they and their "Superlawyer" Howard Brown got the whole project done without ever telling the public that there was any contamination there. He then threatened to have me arrested if I came to his office to interview him. Sounds more like super shitty to me. Douchebag.

Proof in 2011 that the City of Revere allowed a soup kitchen 
to be placed on land it knew to be contaminated.
Mr. Pisano reports that the file is now sanitized.

And the star of the show? Well it's the 2,000 gallon gas tank that Clifford Pisano and I said was still there 18 months ago.... only to have the city Fire Department, City Hall, the Revere Neighborhood Developers, Councilor Ira Novoselsky and Mass DEP cover all of this up while the City and Developers spread lies that it was removed in the 1980's. At left one can readily review the card I pulled from an honest City employee. But Mr. Pisano and his parents have lived right next door for the past 40 years so they knew better, and knew the land was CONTAMINATED even though this development went all the way through zoning and permitting without the taxpayers being informed.

So they go to dig it up at 7:00 p.m. on a Tuesday night 26 Nov. 2013 right before the Holiday, thinking that Mr. Pisano or I won't be around, know I moved 3,200 miles away and hoping they won't get caught. Well guess what? You goddamn scumbags are CAUGHT, even if local media like the Revere Journal and other major press lack the professional integrity to cover this. Video forthcoming and I am going to the Federal EPA on it now. My father retired as a toxicology research chemist (starting with Diamond Shamrock), and he made folks follow the law but when he was coming up he could never dare say what I'm going to say, which is this:

Fuck each and every one of you slapped my camera (City Councilor Ira Novoselsky), called the police on me (Mayor's lacky Miles Lang-Kennedy) or anyone else who let this happen. Yep. All of you cesspool-dwelling political wannabes jeopardizing the quality of life for profit. Remember the soup kitchen that was there? The City took all of this information out of the hard file but it's all going to be in the movie as released at the top of this page.

Note: The Name of the Day is now "The Neighborhood Developers," different name same shit. Some of you may recall that i have a background in property law and zoning, so I rode out to Revere MA not quite 2 years ago to do some research on a low cost apartment building at 525 Beach Street. Abutter Clifford Pisano and I determined that the city knew of contamination by virtue of the gas station card on file I pulled and by virtue of the fact that Councilor Ira Novoselsky was present at relevant developer meetings......

22 November 2013

Wells Fargo Takes a Bad Faith Mediation Declaration + Jane Mair Fraudclosure Protest Picks up Steam as Bank of America Telephones KingCast/Mortgage Movies During Today's Protest!

After weeks of wrangling and yesterday's phone call with Financial Revival Group's 
Mediation Director Michelle Darnell, BoA lawyers have agreed to move this back 
so that we can have time to have her loan modification given Due Process.
I regret to say that I don't have video or audio from yesterday's call 
as we agreed not to record it just after I started. But it was epic.


Note above, what she sent already.... 
weeks ago pursuant to the letter she received immediately above. 
Then read the letter below. Apparently it is an auto-generated letter.

As Michelle Darnell and I telephone BoA to get proof in writing that they have requested legal to back off of the sale date of 13 December, 2013 BoA sends Jane Mair another form letter asking for information that she has already sent in. Unreal. So below see where BoA acknowledged receipt of the same items they are now seeking. The bullshit never ends with these people, so I think it is time to put Ms. Darnell in touch with Stafne Law Offices as they are diligent and the most experienced in terms of pre and post foreclosure litigation. As regards the top screen capture/photo, were not allowed to record yesterday's call so I had to shut down the Photo Booth but you can see the fax transmittal as sent to BoA. Meanwhile Stafne yesterday filed a U.S. Supreme Court Petition on Robertson v. GMAC, involving the remand of a foreclosure case removed to Federal Court when it is patently clear that State claims predominate. That is because the Federal Court loves to throw things out under Iqbal and Twombly, whereas the State Courts in Washington have been very progressive. It's basically forum shopping 101.

Wells Fargo loves Mortgage Movies Journal!

Also, I wonder what loan numbers and neighborhoods were part of Governor Gregoire's Statement of Charges (whoops these are Wells Fargo -- so much corruption going around I get lost sometimes -- the Countrywide Statement of Charges are here, and this Consent Decree between the State of Washington DFI and Countrywide/America's Wholesale Lender..... you know, it dealt with predatory and fraudulent practices in the minority and lesser-affluent neighborhoods.... like, you know.... where Jane Mair lives.
I wish I could say I actually saw the STOP sign as I took this picture but how apropos is it regardless..... plus the RESERVED designation in front of everyone..... the question is whether the negative space is reserved for Justice or for the global banking and economic tyranny so prevalent in the Post Glass Steagall era..... Hillary claims that it "takes a village" to raise a child; same is true about saving a home. Particularly in light of certain banking and economic initiatives espoused by her husband, ahem just saying.
If you want to see some of the history here just read the journal page from Wednesday or run her name in the search field, top left corner of the page. Here is the BoA rap sheet and please note that her loan "originated" with America's Wholesale Lender, a completely fictitious entity. Then ReconTrust was the Trustee..... they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America that was ejected from Washington in a Consent Decree with the AG's office as noted at the link.

There is a lot of video on the subject and there is certain to me more, but hopefully not much more if you catch my drift. I'm sure Seattle City Councilor-Elect Kshama Sawant catches our drift; she sent supporters this evening and has been proactive in several foreclosure cases as documented here and at SAFE in Seattle Facebook page. So basically BoA returned my phone call to say that they have all of the information they need from Ms. Mair and it will be reviewed tomorrow or Monday and submitted for review with Fannie Mae as to setting up the temporary payment plan which then should lead to a permanent loan mod. I still advised her to lawyer up in case things go sour during the review period, which had damn well better be concluded by next Thursday because there are various deadlines running. More on this later.
Meanwhile I interviewed someone who witnessed Wells Fargo actually accept a Bad Faith Declaration in the Mediation at Jane Mair's other house. I wonder if this is the first such Declaration; I'll find out next week. They threatened to sue the mediator.... unbelievable the hubris of some of these corporate attorneys. It always amazed me as a Civil Rights lawyer to deal with some of the nasty ones..... where do they get it from, I wonder. Does it fulfill them in some way? I prefer to get along and work things out but I guess that's the Hippie Lawyer in me.

"The mediator was pissed off at them," she said. Stay tuned for video over the weekend because, well, yeah... that's what I do.

21 November 2013

KingCast Presents: A Kick Ass Hot Rod From OHM Bikes.

Jeremy told me the elect-assist is completely variable, and as a biker myself (you have to be a biker with a name like Chris King LOL) I can see the quality is there! Great for commuters and folks who are on the bike 24/7.

OHM Bikes.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe Washington Foreclosure Attorney Scott Stafne Oral Arguments in Bradburn v ReconTrust Fraudclosure.

Ansel Herz, The Stranger writer and host of our first foreclosure forum 
and our upcoming 27 Feb 2014 second forum offers this account.

The Bradburn post foreclosure Summary Judgment briefs are here. Under Bain, how can you trust ReconTrust to be your Trustee when they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America? How can MERS claim to be an agent of Bank of America with no defined agency relationship? Should companies (to the extent that MERS/MERSCORP et al even are real companies) processing millions or billions worth of transactions have undefined "agency" relationships? 

Anyway, stay tuned for the chilling conclusion to these and other questions addressed two weeks ago. There are a few gaps in the video, particularly toward the end as I had the dreaded Rode SVM Mic jack issue, but within the 45 minutes or so of actual court video you'll definitely get a feel for the substantive issues at hand. As I was setting up the following colloquy ensued:

Court to me: 
"You were a closing attorney?" 
"Do you understand everything that is going on here?" 
"Well Your Honor, NOBODY fully understands what is going on here." 
"Ahhhh that's unfortunate because I was going to ask you to take the bench for me." 

Whereupon both of us had a laugh, but had I not been caught intellectually flat-footed I would have said "Your Honor you can't give that which you don't have."

Perhaps then I could have taken the bench... and I know which way I would be coming out on most of these issues but perhaps that won't be necessary, as Washington is a fairly progressive state on many of these issues. Note in a recent Jane Mair modclosure journal entry involving Bank of America that Washington AG Rob McKenna booted ReconTrust last year.

Read a Scott Stafne editorial and watch other Mortgage Movies videos here.
Those of you seeking help with State-sponsored Mediation per RCW 61.24.163 visit Financial Revival Group's My Own Bailout.

20 November 2013

KingCast Aghast at Scumbag Thieves Looting Seattle's Comet Bar for Momento Dollar Bills.

Read today's story at Justin Carder's Capitol Hill Blog. Is this not the sleaziest thing you ever heard of? Anyway I am so glad I captured the amazing bathroom art last year; the impromptu interview last week with my iPhone was cool too. The demolition guy was apparently inaccurate as to the ultimate ownership, however. Above is an impromptu video with my iPhone; here is a link to KingCast video at the Cal Anderson Park discussion with City Councilor Mike O'Brien on crime with comments from a crime survivor who had part of his ear bitten off, and here is a link to the video from the Cal Anderson Park Police community meeting on crime and homelessness, as reflected in the thumbnail below. PS: Tangentially I present Dinosaur Jr.'s Green Mind full album so that it's easy for me to rock on my iPhone while I head in to work. One of the best rock albums ever :)

KingCast Observation: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Loves my Judge Dorothy Gibson Protects Deadbeat Dads Journal Yippieee!!!

I always know when they are snooping around.
Not that I give a shit.
Read below the fold.
Commonwealth Of Massachusetts (

18 November 2013

KingCast Presents: Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present BoA Doubleheader with Safeguard Thugs and Jane Mair AWL Modclosure Debacle.

Attorney Jeff Jared, Josh Farris/SAFE, Jane Mair, Paralegal Michelle Darnell 
@ Financial Revival Group's Arlington, WA office. Here is the letter sent to BoA on Attorney Jared's letterhead on 21 Nov. 2013. It appears that BoA may finally be in a position to put Ms. Mair into a Temporary Payment Plan (TPP) for three months as she pays out on her second mortgage and then FINALLY put this to bed after she completes the three month review period. We will be monitoring every step of the way.

A quick update showing the Illinois Attorney General thanking us for exposing BoA's choice of thugs who rape, pillage and plunder property along with an update on BoA playing the phone stall dual track game with Jane Mair. They telephoned me several days ago and said they were going to talk with me about her loan, but alas I haven't heard "boo" from them. 

And that's not for lack of trying. So with SAFE in Seattle, Attorney Jeff Jared, paralegal Michelle Darnell and Financial Revival Group we made calls today. Basically, it appears that we will have to engage in alternative measures. Here is your back story on the Charlie Brown/Lucy dual track.

Here is the Halloween protest video with City Councilors Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant and here is the original Jane Mair protest video with doubleheader. As to America's Wholesale Lender being Ms. Mair's purported original lender, that entity simply did not exist in a capacity to do anything with notes, mortgages or other securitized instruments. So some plucky bloke chartered a legal entity in the same name and then commenced to forgive boatloads of loans. BoA and Countrywide were pissed off because someone had finally outsmarted the banks at their own game.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know everything I do know. Life would be simpler, wouldn't it. But then I couldn't help educate Seattle City Council Candidates.

As to the fact that "America's Home Lender" is Jane Mair's purported originator (who then somehow transferred to MERS.... and with the fraudulent ReconTrust folks also in the mix) that is impossible but the California Federal Court is helping BoA out: BoA/CWide issued a Second Amended Complaint that was served to a lawyer who was no longer involved with AWL, Inc. and took a Default and the Court is allowing it to sweep it all under the rug. I will not allow that; a movie is coming soon with Dennis Bell. My interview with him today: 
"You have 3.5M in loans to a corporation that did not exist. When you enter into it parties cannot be bound or claim a right to a contract. The corp must become lawfully organized and ratify the pre-corporation contract. Until those two things happen there is no legally cognizable right. 
I have 200 lawsuits by BoA NY Melon or Deutschebank filed to foreclose and what they claim in the lawsuit that the loan was made to America's Wholesale Lender, Inc. so that way it all makes sense to invoke jurisdiction of the court then they internally refer to themselves as America's wholesale lender and leave us out of the loop and it's business as usual. They want to say we are infringing on them but really it is just the opposite."

17 November 2013

13 November 2013

As Protests Continue, KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Attorney for Jane Mair Send Request to Bank of America to Modify Loan.

Note: On 14 Nov. 2003 Jane Mair received another packet -- this time FEDEX -- from BoA requesting clarification on her most recent submissions.  They need verification of employment from regarding her sister and a few other items. She has sent all requested documents for a complete file on several occasions; now with increased media, protests and lawyer involvement with any luck the stall game is over.

Above is a video containing footage from Jane Mair's Halloween BoA rally that demonstrates Bank of America's modus operandi in dealing with people who have been injured and who seek loan mods. They tell them to quit paying for three months and they will help with the loan mod. It never happens that way, as noted several months ago in our ongoing feature-length movie over in New Hampshire.

This loan has trouble written all over it with a Capital "T" including but not limited to MERS as Beneficiary, Northwest Trustees Services' Jeff Stenman serving as Attorney in Fact for Bank of America and as Trustee.... coming hot off the heels of Recon Trust, no less. Recall that ReconTrust was driven out of the State back in 2009 after State AG Rob McKenna successfully sued them for fraudulent foreclosure activity. As we head toward Friday's weekly protest at Beacon Hill Bank of America I have been duly informed that a letter containing the following paragraph was issued this week to Bank of America by a well-respected law firm in the Western Washington area:
"Ms. Mair has suffered a financial hardship which results from a debilitating accident in 2007. Ms. Mair was struck by a motorcycle and has had physical and financial setbacks which have made it difficult for her to remain current on her mortgage payments.  The property itself has declined in value due to the economy and also structural issues stemming from soil instability and poor workmanship.  Ms. Mair has worked hard to recover from these hardships and believes that a modification of the loan to establish an affordable payment will be successful. Agreement to this request will avoid the necessity of a foreclosure which would likely lead to a sizable monetary loss for Bank of America and will allow Ms. Mair to retain her home." 
If Bank of America continues a path of denial and obfuscation (recall the whistleblower statements about Bank of America policy) there will be other attorneys and associations coming into the fold, shortly. Below is a short film from a mid-October rally and demonstration at Beacon Hill Bank of America. Watch the branch manager scurry as I ask him why the bank is refusing to negotiate with her and whether they have established a clear Chain of Title.

08 November 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies See BoA Busted for Bad Faith Dual Track Loan Mod in Customer Phone Call from Seattle's Jane Mair.

Note: On 14 Nov. 2003 Jane Mair received another packet -- this time FEDEX -- from BoA requesting clarification on her most recent submissions. They need verification of employment from regarding her sister and a few other items. She has sent all requested documents for a complete file on several occasions; now with increased media, protests and lawyer involvement with any luck the stall game is over.
As usual, they told her: Stop making payments for 3 months to get a loan mod....
Here is your back story, with Seattle City Councilor Nick Licata laying it on the line with Candidate Kshama Sawant.... who is hanging tough two days post election 
with 48.5%, up from 46%..... watch her Election party here.