07 October 2013

Marinosci Law Group's Steven M. Autieri Caught Abusing NH notary Over Linda Green & Sand Canyon Crimes.

Read my email to Attorney Autieri below the fold. 
The approximate text of my voiceover: All right let me set this up for you: Several years ago NH Notary Jeanne Ingress went to court on a foreclosure involving noted robo-signer Linda Green. She asked for proof of standing and specifically noted that Sand Canyon had no business in her chain of title because their own President stated that they were not in business at the time of a purported transfer. Judge Diane Nicolosi feigned ignorance and asked her why this information was relevant and why standing was important while Attorney Shawn Masterson lied and said he had the original note and mortgage in his desk at his office, which we know is a lie -- a complete fairy tale -- because it has been securitized. 

When I offered him a bottle of Veuve Cliquot in the Cliquot challenged he declined to show me the original documents (video short). Be that as it may, some time later Ms. Ingress served a Notary Presentment to Attorney Autieri detailing the efforts of another person in NH to obtain valid chain of title information and he sent her a letter basically trying to intimidate her and speaking of her purportedly baseless and tiresome antics. Well I have something to say directly to Attorney Autieri:

Counselor I may have only closed a couple hundred residential sales in new england but I know enough to know that her very line of inquiry was sustained in Drouin v. AHMSI 2012 U.S. Dist. Lexis 69549 when AHMSI lost on a motion to dismiss, there it is right there on my Lexis account noting the same exact issues..... (they lost later because they didn't trust their attorney more on this next month) so therefore your threats to Ms. Ingress were baseless and unsubstantiated and I would be more than happy to tell you that in person the next time I am in Rhode Island, which happens every 3 months or so. Now the Drouins ultimately lost because of issues I'll get into at another time the fact remains clear that your threats were unlawful, unreasonable and unconscionable. Now I know why no one ever called us back, in spite of what your office told us during this taped phone call.

Dear Attorney Autieri:

I see your office declined to return my phone call on this matter despite the taped, explicit suggestion to the contrary. I suppose you must view this documentary as the same sort of "antics" that you wrongfully accused Ms. Ingress of when she sent you valid notary correspondence regarding another fraudclosure case in NH.

We are not intimidated by you or your firm, and your threats of prosecution before the NH AG are being reported to the appropriate bar associations. You may have your friends there to make it all go away but let me assure you that every time you make naked threats like this to homeowners or notaries that are not substantiated by law and I hear about it I will ping you at the bar association. As you may know, I was a licensed title insurance producer and notary in Good Standing in New Hampshire for several years before moving south so I know how it all works my brother. You keep intimidating innocent people and I'll keep annoying you.

I believe we are clear now.

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

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