17 October 2013

KingCast Video and Stills from October Capitol Hill Community Council & Seattle Police Department Crime Meeting.

I am not a big stills guy; I just take enough to let you know I was there.  Video is forthcoming but for now watch the prequel from last weekend with Seattle City Councilor Mike O'Brien, with the video, "Seattle Man Explains Getting His Ear Bitten Off to City Council at Cal Anderson Park." 

Now here's something to think about: SPD has a difficult time with people in the park but meanwhile the Sheriff's Office & DOC LE think nothing of it to shoot a sleeping innocent man 16 times in his bed, as they quietly settle for $3M. Dustin Theoharis, Google it. Naturally the shooting was "justified." This means that Mr. Theoharis' attorney had to fight to get a paltry $3M settlement instead of the $16M he should have obtained, a million for each wrongful bullet.


Anonymous said...

Here's a spiked story of Seattle cops standing en masse just few feet away from where a Good Samaritan was beaten to death by a mob and did nothing to stop the murder.

Good Samaritan Kristopher Kimes

Christopher King said...

Thanks for that. Where is the intersection I need to kiss the memorial.


And the bigger issue is why is there such a nasty undertone to much of Seattle.... I had no idea it was like this until I moved here and I am kind of shocked.

A blight on a beautiful place.

We'll be southbound soon, Southern San Francisco, Santa Monica, something.