11 October 2013

KingCast Sees Police Manhunt for Seattle Zone 7 Windshield Basher as Crime Soars in Seattle.

We counted about 20 windshields without trying too hard yesterday. All of this two (2) days after our community meeting with Sargent Ballingham. We have notified upper echelon brass and there will be stepped-up patrols and other tools put in place to track this down. Is this a random punk or set of punks or is it a hungry windshield repair company like that NYC scam a while back? We don't know but I recommend this punk chill his wheels before he runs into someone with a bomb attached to a motion sensor, right.

Related: My Car theft caught on video post with 510 views; 2,000 views on the video about this local issue. The crime rate is simply soaring in Seattle, particularly in First Hill and the Mayor, City Council and Police Chief to face this problem head on. To that end many of us are meeting with City Councilor Mike O'Brien on Sunday.

Apparently Hizzoner is reading assiduously and trying to figure out what to do. As a former law enforcement attorney I know it is no easy task. But we must do more. As we see at Mayor McGinn's FB page the owner of the Volvo featured here wrote:

"In light of a recent meeting with your very own Sgt. Grant Ballingham, in our very own apartment building at the top of the week...to say I was upset when I walked out to my vehicle a mere two days later to find my windshield smashed in is an understatement.I think we are all familiar with the broken windows theory...let's not lose sight of the things happening DAILY in and around Seattle that continue to make it a less-desirable place to live and adds to the feelings of unease around safety. My car was ONE of more than TWENTY in a 3 block radius. This madness has to STOP".

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