22 October 2013

KingCast, Phyllis Walsh, Mortgage Movies, Financial Revival Group, Stafne Law Offices, SAFE in Seattle and Attorney Jeff Jared Present: Seattle City Council Candidate Forum on Housing & Foreclosure.


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KIRO Radio Interviews -- Financial Revival Group Members:

Well here is some news you can use: Come to find out that not only is MERS questionable but Halah Touryalai at Forbes reports that yesterday a Jury found Countrywide liable for Fraud. Phyllis Walsh had both of these entities on one of her Deeds of Trust, just fantastic. As the movie and link below notes, MERS is questionable in and of itself given the WA high Court decision in Bain. I hope to G_d the family files a wrongful death/post foreclosure damages action, the family just appoint someone as Power of Attorney far enough away from it that they can handle working with the lawyers and fight for openness. This is simply horrible. Legally and morally aberrant conduct up and down the line I can smell it from here.
The forum is dedicated to the memory of Phyllis Walsh, the South Seattle woman who, like most others, got the run around from U.S. Bank as part of the banking industry pattern and practice of dual-tracking homeowners and forcing them out the door to try to clean up the chain of title..... while they lip service modifications. Her case is particularly troubling because from what I can see, MERS was on her mortgage/Deed of Trust as Beneficiary, and that's legally questionable in light of the High Court Decision in Bain. From Anzel Herz' excellent feature "They were coming for her house" in todays' Stanger:

Two Days Before Eviction, Phyllis Walsh Killed Herself and Left a Note About the "Foreclosure Vultures"

The real estate agent who purchased and is now selling the home, David Albers, says he thinks about Walsh often. "In my business, we're pretty hardened, and sometimes we forget that this is people's lives we're dealing with," he says. "We are the foreclosure vultures, in a sense... But I don't think the problem lies with us. After the bank auctions it off is where we come in."  [Mortgage Movies says that is not necessarily accurate. See Ibanez and Bevilacqua on the effect of toxic mortgages. You cannot transfer something you didn't have accurate title to in the first place].
"One of the harder parts is that she didn't reach out to any of us and tell us what was going on," Fasoli, her niece, says. "I think that's because she was trying to do something about it, she was trying to refinance. She was trying to work with the bank to find an alternative to foreclosure." 
From the papers the family looked through, including Walsh's journal, Fasoli says it looked like the bank "passed her from specialist to specialist," and the last specialist wouldn't return her phone calls or the number wouldn't go through.

HOT NEWS: Read the thumbnail above -- Fannie Mae is likely to show up!
They have been assiduously reading KingCast and Mortgage Movies.
On a related note, Occupy Boston is protesting against Fannie and Freddie today.
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28 OCT 2013


Kshama SawantAlbert ShenSam BellomioEdwin Fruit,

and Councilors Nick Licata and Mike O'Brien are guaranteed attendees.

LinkCandidate Mike O'Brien discusses crime at Cal Anderson Park.

Link: Candidate Sawant and others square off at 30 Sept. 2013 CNC forum.

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