31 October 2013

A Perfect KingCast Halloween/DEVO Moment.

So I roll up in my hippied-out SAAB to see a hippied-out VW with a bumpah' sticka' that reads:


So then I am thinking well that's a great moment all I need now is some DEVO or something like that and I get back in my car and WHAM!!!..... KEXP is playing Jocko Homo, the quintessential DEVO song. Sing along with me:

God made man, but he used a monkey to do it......God made man, but a monkey supplied the glue.....

29 October 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Applaud 6 of 8 Seattle City Council Candidates for Attending the Phyllis Walsh Underwater & Foreclosure Forum; Video Forthcoming.

Wells Fargo stopped in today, 7 Nov. 
They have a Mediation with Jane Mair in November.
7 Jan 2014 Update: They took a Bad Faith Certification. 
Watch this video at 3:10-6:00 minutes.

7 Jan 2014 Update: UMG pulled this video of the Council forum after 1,000 views but I put up a new version on 7 Jan 2014:

Update: Post hoc, ergo propter hoc? If the shoe (or noose) fits.... wear it. As I go toward publication of the short film, event moderator Ansel Herz reports in today's The Stranger that two days after the forum all charges were dismissed against the Wells Fargo 5, including Jeremy Griffin, seen in the above Final Cut screen capture. This is not the first time that cameras have predicated dismissal of charges: I can take you back to 2008 and my association with Milan Kohut after he was arrested (see Boston Phoenix story) in front of Bank of America for protesting and claiming "Nooses for Sale." He didn't have a vendor's license...... unbelievable but true.  Kohout was instrumental in the Czech Velvet Revolution. Again, unbelievable but true. Everything you read at Mortgage Movies is true and verifiable, unlike your Chain of Title.  I had pictures from a court hearing online but alas those seem to have disappeared.... but my how the chickens have come home to roost.
Thanks to everyone who came together to keep the issues of banking and mortgage fraud on the radar for subsequent action: This forum was hastily put together after I noticed that Seattle could use more coalition-building for Education, Mediation, Litigation and Legislation. Future fora will continue to impress upon City Council the need to use creative solutions to this problem, potentially including eminent domain as in Richmond, California, or the Merkley Mortgage appearing in selective markets down in Oregon. Then too there is the possibility of outright edicts to these banks that their gangland tactics and obfuscation will no longer be tolerated within city limits.  Candidate Richard Conlin promised -- in writing -- to take part in the future events and we will hold him to that pledge. The only Candidate who completely ignored the event was my sister Sally Bagshaw. This is what gives lawyers a bad name but I'll be more than willing to accept her inclusion in the future if she is so inclined. If she is not, then the community will address   the issue in an appropriate manner.

For one thing, city and county audits need to be conducted; the same sort of audits that led PA Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker to file her ongoing Class Action lawsuit against MERS. Whether or not she is ultimately successful is left to the vagaries of the Court but the case clearly has merit.
I cannot say it any clearer than that. Over the course of the next several days I will let the candidates say it their way as I publish their video and audio response to the questions. I believe Seattle Stranger writer Ansel Herz is completing a follow up to last week's story on Phyllis Walsh's mortgage-assisted suicide. More pictures and video captures of individual candidates are below the fold. 

KingCast and Stephanie Say: We All Run Out of Gas on the Dirty Boulevard. Goodnight, Lou Reed.

And thank you and the Velvet Underground for getting me through undergrad.
Trivia: I Can't Stand It was lost and found in a trash can.

24 October 2013

Near Seattle: The Quintessential KingCast Fall Picture.

Well you can't very well drive past that can you. Just like the Universe intended for me to see that and pull over and shoot it, so Thor and I did just that!

22 October 2013

KingCast, Phyllis Walsh, Mortgage Movies, Financial Revival Group, Stafne Law Offices, SAFE in Seattle and Attorney Jeff Jared Present: Seattle City Council Candidate Forum on Housing & Foreclosure.


Follow at SAFE in Seattle FB.
KIRO Radio Interviews -- Financial Revival Group Members:

Well here is some news you can use: Come to find out that not only is MERS questionable but Halah Touryalai at Forbes reports that yesterday a Jury found Countrywide liable for Fraud. Phyllis Walsh had both of these entities on one of her Deeds of Trust, just fantastic. As the movie and link below notes, MERS is questionable in and of itself given the WA high Court decision in Bain. I hope to G_d the family files a wrongful death/post foreclosure damages action, the family just appoint someone as Power of Attorney far enough away from it that they can handle working with the lawyers and fight for openness. This is simply horrible. Legally and morally aberrant conduct up and down the line I can smell it from here.
The forum is dedicated to the memory of Phyllis Walsh, the South Seattle woman who, like most others, got the run around from U.S. Bank as part of the banking industry pattern and practice of dual-tracking homeowners and forcing them out the door to try to clean up the chain of title..... while they lip service modifications. Her case is particularly troubling because from what I can see, MERS was on her mortgage/Deed of Trust as Beneficiary, and that's legally questionable in light of the High Court Decision in Bain. From Anzel Herz' excellent feature "They were coming for her house" in todays' Stanger:

Two Days Before Eviction, Phyllis Walsh Killed Herself and Left a Note About the "Foreclosure Vultures"

The real estate agent who purchased and is now selling the home, David Albers, says he thinks about Walsh often. "In my business, we're pretty hardened, and sometimes we forget that this is people's lives we're dealing with," he says. "We are the foreclosure vultures, in a sense... But I don't think the problem lies with us. After the bank auctions it off is where we come in."  [Mortgage Movies says that is not necessarily accurate. See Ibanez and Bevilacqua on the effect of toxic mortgages. You cannot transfer something you didn't have accurate title to in the first place].
"One of the harder parts is that she didn't reach out to any of us and tell us what was going on," Fasoli, her niece, says. "I think that's because she was trying to do something about it, she was trying to refinance. She was trying to work with the bank to find an alternative to foreclosure." 
From the papers the family looked through, including Walsh's journal, Fasoli says it looked like the bank "passed her from specialist to specialist," and the last specialist wouldn't return her phone calls or the number wouldn't go through.

HOT NEWS: Read the thumbnail above -- Fannie Mae is likely to show up!
They have been assiduously reading KingCast and Mortgage Movies.
On a related note, Occupy Boston is protesting against Fannie and Freddie today.
Watch my Occupy Boston and Wall Street short films here.
Watch my Occupy Boston update with the Scott Olsen abuse here.

28 OCT 2013


Kshama SawantAlbert ShenSam BellomioEdwin Fruit,

and Councilors Nick Licata and Mike O'Brien are guaranteed attendees.

LinkCandidate Mike O'Brien discusses crime at Cal Anderson Park.

Link: Candidate Sawant and others square off at 30 Sept. 2013 CNC forum.

Related: Scott Stafne Interview.
Related: Financial Revival Group Interview with KIRO 7 radio.
Related: SAFE in Seattle Bank of America protest short film.

21 October 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Did NY Suffolk County Clerk of Courts Judith Pascale Violate Law to Hide Foreclosure Fraud?

Oh this is not as bad as the cops coming to hassle me at Bank of America 4 days ago (watch the video) but why is it that a mortgage industry professional cannot file documents into the record in New York's Suffolk County when he is calling Judge Joseph Farneti's integrity, Oath of Office and Bond into question on a fraudulent foreclosure action? Because New York Suffolk County Clerk of Court Judith Pascale says he can't --- but she doesn't say why he can't. So he filed it in Georgia. Take a look. This man is part of my media team and we expose foreclosure fraud, or for a better term, we expose fraud closure..... up to and including name partner Henry Fein who completely lied about his identity on camera as seen in the video below the fold. Read this journal entry about Fein, Such and robo-signer Bethany Hood (we talk with her on the phone) for the full video of that exchange.

20 October 2013

KingCast Stills and Video from October 2013 Chop Suey ArtAche!

Here is the Flickr link. I prefer Tumblr but they only allow 10 pics at a time. The silk sari bracelets have been sold to wholesale by Raspberri (Etsy) but more are being created. Video forthcoming, as always.

19 October 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: BoA McCarthy Coverup in Ohio + BoA Calls Cops, Refuses Loan Mod for Injured Jane Mair in Seattle.

Hey BoA I caught you looking, take a picture it lasts longer. I did.

Another hostile cop who looks just like Patrick "K.C." Saulet, who threatened Stranger Reporter Dominic Holden.  I tried to educate this brother in the video by explaining to him that the real criminals are inside the bank rather than outside -- and that their criminal and quasi-criminal conduct is adversely affecting him and the people he loves because of the deflated economy in general and the upside down and underwater housing values in the particular. I told him a bit about my law enforcement background as an attorney and my experience as a closing attorney/title insurance producer.

"We're friends man, we're brothers."
We can only hope he listens.

As to the Ohio case, note how BoA calls "Safeguard" into play to sweep into an occupied home and gut it. The Ohio homeowner contacted me yesterday just as I was finishing this movie so I tacked on her information into the front of the movie. Here is Illinois Attorney General suing Safeguard for these very issues. Complete and utter depravity, shameful attorneys to boot. Each and every one of them should be disbarred but that will never happen. All I can do is expose them. Here's one: linda.erkkila@safeguardproperties.com

As to Ms. Mair, she escaped oppression in China to move here. She bought a home and she signed for her family members homes because they don't speak English. When she was injured BoA refused to negotiate with her on a loan mod even though she could qualify -- the same modus operandi employed against the NH man seen later in the movie. To add insult to injury they are considering the other homes as "Investment Properties" which are not subject to the same rules and regulations regarding foreclosure. BoA is indeed, "Bad for America."
Hang your head in shame Mr. Banker.
The banks are breaching the settlement by doing this and not modifing the mortgages.  During the mod process they have to prove they have the authourity to do so and they have no proof. So send the mortgages out to third party debt collectors.

So much for the National Mortgage Settlement. Homeowners are now getting foreclosed on without their knowledge!

Homeowners victimized by big-bank servicers, who were supposed to get a commitment to honest treatment as part of the National Mortgage Settlement, instead got their servicing rights sold to companies no longer bound by the terms of that settlement. So homeowners lose all of their protections, and often have to start back at square one with their new servicer. For example, if a borrower was in process on a loan modification with their old servicer, the new servicer can choose to simply not recognize that modification, and demand the full monthly payment under threat of foreclosure. This is a very common practice.

Hey BoA I caught you looking and you downloaded the link to the Illinois Attorney General's office:

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17 October 2013

KingCast Video and Stills from October Capitol Hill Community Council & Seattle Police Department Crime Meeting.

I am not a big stills guy; I just take enough to let you know I was there.  Video is forthcoming but for now watch the prequel from last weekend with Seattle City Councilor Mike O'Brien, with the video, "Seattle Man Explains Getting His Ear Bitten Off to City Council at Cal Anderson Park." 

Now here's something to think about: SPD has a difficult time with people in the park but meanwhile the Sheriff's Office & DOC LE think nothing of it to shoot a sleeping innocent man 16 times in his bed, as they quietly settle for $3M. Dustin Theoharis, Google it. Naturally the shooting was "justified." This means that Mr. Theoharis' attorney had to fight to get a paltry $3M settlement instead of the $16M he should have obtained, a million for each wrongful bullet.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies: Seattle KIRO 7 TV Interviews Financial Revival Group Members on Foreclosure and Underwater Assistance.

The old version, before in house counsel Jeff Jared joined the Group.

When the banks come after you don't panic. Just outsmart them and walk away with significant chingy in your pocket, instead of their measly $3K "cash for keys" or "Deed in lieu" nonsense. 

FRGI Facebook.
All 5 interviews in full.

For more background read this.

16 October 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Partner in (Eradicating) Foreclosure Crime Michelle Darnell Interviewed by Occupy Corporatism's Susan Posel.

Michelle Darnell is a paralegal and mortgage advisor at Arlington's Financial Revival Group, a homeowner's association that educates homeowners on a full array of options when faced with an upside down or underwater mortgage or foreclosure. Part of what they offer is mediation assistance relative to Washington's Foreclosure Fairness Program. Here is a link to the State's Facebook page. More on that as I finish my video production with her and Principal Howard Bono this weekend.

Here's the Susan Posel Interview (link forthcoming), and below Ms. Darnell discusses options with Washington homeowners at Everett's Firewheel Community Coffeehouse. The banks have certain duties and responsibilities incumbent pursuant to the global settlement and Consent Decree but you really need someone with some knowledge to help you fight that battle because 9 times out of 10, or perhaps even 10 times out of 10 your pretender lender is going to fight you and try to throw you out of your home. Trust me on this if you haven't already experienced it but you can set your watch by it. 

13 October 2013

KingCast Sees Seattle City Councilor Mike O'Brien Catch an Earful About Burgeoning Crime in Capitol and First Hill; Cal Anderson Park.

King County Government reading along.....
Videos to follow; more stills below the fold. Meanwhile see this week's journal entry addressing the 20 smashed windshields over at First Hill and that video, which is also below the fold along with the agenda for today's meeting.

"Every time you look on the Capitol Hill blog there's more crime. Every single time and it's getting worse," said one participant. Many others said the no longer take relatives to Cal Anderson Park even though they live right across the street from it.

"We take our out of town guests and family over to Volunteer Park," said one man.

KOMO TV's Joel Moreno wrote me in the morning and pledged his attendance and appeared as promised. He was called away on an Amber Alert but I know KOMO has some good footage so I hope major press follows up on this. I will be releasing footage from 3-4 individuals, including the survivor (facing Councilor O'Brien) who had his ear bitten off by some deranged and drunken hoodlums.