30 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Stills and Video from Seattle Neighborhood Council Meeting 30 September 2013.

This is an impromptu video I shot from my iPhone of Candidate Kshama Sawant a few days ago at Bill's Off Broadway the first time I met her. I hope to conduct short interviews of her and Richard Conlin in early October. I am intrigued to hear some of the candidates openly discuss Mortgage Principal Reduction. The banking industry has destroyed this economy, and it was a calculated move that even I was unaware of as a closing attorney 11 years ago.... but there are rays of hope. Just today in this journal post and video I noted that Judge Robert Drain out of NY Bankruptcy Court sanctioned Bank of America for abuse, but it is truly a drop in the bucket. Anyway, here is the CNC invite.

More at Tumblr; Video production by tomorrow evening. More stills below the fold.

PS: When I'm not on politics or mortgages I'm on a motorcycle... And I support Ballard Backfire Night as one of the best things any community could ever have! Videos here.

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