23 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies See Pennsylvania Federal Judge Assigned to Lorayne Souders' BoA FDCPA Case Hearing Shifted to POTUS/Nick Savino Threat Case.

Update: My apologies to former pro circuit tennis player Nick Saviano.... a Freudian slip in the headline yesterday.

Holy cow. Just two days ago I was noting that POTUS was again reading KingCast/Mortgage Movies and that I had shot President Obama several times but I'd never think that someone would actually allegedly (by ABC News)

a) write the White House and call him the Antichrist;
b) threaten to shoot him in a very different way than I have;
c) while maintaining an AR-15, long range scope and 11,000 rounds of ammo.

I'm going to reserve judgment on that but I'm sure that Judge Blewitt knows my opinion about the lying rats at Bank of America and their robo-signing pal Michelle Sjolander.... and I mean literally it is proved in the Court filings that Defendants lied about the date of receipt of her complaint in order to sneak into Federal Court on Removal grounds. By the time Plaintiff Souders figured out what was going on it was too late for her to file a formal Motion to Remand so the scumbuckets got away with it. Review the documentation of all of this, along with the relevant case of Bank of New York v. Alderazi,929 NYS 2nd. 198 (2011) here. Will Pennsylvania follow suit with Stare Decisis? Stay tuned as you watch this movie about Souders v. BoA. 

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