16 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Dirty Judge Roundup: Ciaverella, Limas, Courtney and TARP Pinto Brothers Bribers to Prison.

Another tragedy has been reported in Pennsylvania's kids for cash scandal. Leaving court after his conviction, Judge Mark Ciavarella was confronted by the mother of one of his victims. Edward Kenzakoski was a champion athlete headed for a sure scholarship before being sentenced by judge Ciavarella. After his sentence, his life fell apart and he descended into depression and suicide. Using figures in the story, the judge's average take for Kenzakoski and others was $250.
1. Luzerne County Scum -- Kids for Cash in privatized prisons -- with followup.
2. Judge Abel Limas fallout.
3. Alan W. Courtney lawyer estate thief.
4. Pinto family -- like father like son, TARP thieves.
5. Judge John Fairbanks, former client of Judge Paul Barbadoro.

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