08 September 2013

KingCast Presents: Volvo -- For Life!

1977 at 12

1977-2016 at 52

Hot Momma at the helm, check.
Comfy and cavernous interior, check.
Venerable Red Engine 114hp "power plant" noisemaker, check.
We've got Ol' Yaller for going fast 
but he sure don't carry camping equipment too well....

Yes, a '94 940.... beautiful car, low miles but unfortunately probably one of only 12 in the U.S. without a sunroof. Of course one could argue you don't need it much in Seattle anyway LOL..... So then folks for the time being no more fire-breathing souped-up SAABs or Break My Wallet BMWs..... just good clean old school fun in a Volvo. With something like 17 Volvos between family members of course I'm certainly no stranger to that over the years.... as the video will show :)

I think I had just escaped from undergrad in '89.
Brought safely home in the same Volvo I almost rolled
falling asleep on a drive to Tennessee. Adrenaline Plus.

Sis, me and the Momma Bear in our brand-spanking new 1967 Volvo 144S.
Dig the speed racer mirror. That thing had a lovely exhaust howl and dual Solex carbs 
sat perched atop the B20 engine.

Technically I don't believe Volvo imported the 144S in '67 as it was a '68 car but ours was delivered in '67 and replaced a 4 year-old Mercury Comet that operated more like space junk.

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