18 September 2013

KingCast Presents: Stills and Video from Ballard Backfire Moto Night #43.

All 46 stills are here at Flickr.

This poor woman apparently had no idea what street she was on this evening.

Starting out slowly.... Wish I had got that last pic a little more nailed down but it came up in a spur of the moment, like a bad pothole or the proverbial highway billboard cop LOL.... More stills and a movie soon.... For now enjoy the old video and some more stills from Night #41, below.

Video by weekend. Too much new apartment stuff going on!
Track Lady Mel and I discussing volunteerism on track days and the fact that Ol' Yaller 
(the Sprint RS in the background) really isn't well-suited for the track. 
What it is suited for is spirited canyon carving and the day-to-day thing.... 
and cross-country escapades such as the one that brought me to Seattle.

Yes, there is video of Brian doing his thing on his '74 H2.
BTW you know you're a bike guy when you have to get home 
to edit the picture before you realize you didn't even see the 
$130K Maserati Quattroporte flash by, one of the best sedans, ever.
More stills to follow as well.

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