30 September 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate Judge Drain Contempt Sanctions Against Bank of America in Ramos v. BoA BK SDNY No. 10-23019.

BoA always reading our websites to see how much we know about their corruption:

Here is Gretchen Morgenson's NYTimes story, "Why Judges are Scowling at Banks." Video forthcoming.
This month, the matter came before Robert D. Drain, a federal bankruptcy judge in New York. Judge Drain found Bank of America in contempt of the debt discharge order protecting the Ramoses and required the bank to pay Mr. Schwartz’s legal bills in the case. The judge also ordered the bank to pay $10,000 a month in sanctions to the Ramoses until it stopped making the repayment demands. Judge Drain acknowledged that it wasn’t a lot of money to Bank of America. But, he said, he hoped that its lawyers would get the message. “This is not just a stupid mistake” by the bank, the judge said. “This is a policy.”
I like Reporter Morgenson; I think she gets it. But even then I have helped her with Due Diligence regarding BoA's Anne M. Finucane and her rotten plagiarist husband Mike Barnicle

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