11 September 2013

KingCast Alert: Eugene Stahl Fired for Conduct Not Becoming; How Does the Cody Eller Motorcycle Road Rage Retrial Continue?

  UPDATE 11 Sept. 2013 -- Eugene Stahl was fired last night. Here is your back story. However, the Cody Eller Prosecution is still scheduled to go forward. How now brown cow? 

"Sir I understand you are no longer on the Pelham Police force....."

Now there may be several other valid points of concern relative to policing out there in Pelham as noted by the comments section.... which is perhaps why the Selectmen never returned my calls.... but whatever it is what it is, guys. And by the way I have the entire Cody Eller Hearing on the Motion to Set Aside the Verdict.... and I will be posting that shortly. As in, tomorrow:

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Anonymous said...

the pelham selctmen dont return your phone calls now you know what it is like to be a taxpayer the officer was fired because he pissed off the wrong people at least he had the guts to ask for a public hearing by the way apply for a concealed weapons permit in pelham they require a ssn when i called the state they said to challenge it in court