30 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Stills and Video from Seattle Neighborhood Council Meeting 30 September 2013.

This is an impromptu video I shot from my iPhone of Candidate Kshama Sawant a few days ago at Bill's Off Broadway the first time I met her. I hope to conduct short interviews of her and Richard Conlin in early October. I am intrigued to hear some of the candidates openly discuss Mortgage Principal Reduction. The banking industry has destroyed this economy, and it was a calculated move that even I was unaware of as a closing attorney 11 years ago.... but there are rays of hope. Just today in this journal post and video I noted that Judge Robert Drain out of NY Bankruptcy Court sanctioned Bank of America for abuse, but it is truly a drop in the bucket. Anyway, here is the CNC invite.

More at Tumblr; Video production by tomorrow evening. More stills below the fold.

PS: When I'm not on politics or mortgages I'm on a motorcycle... And I support Ballard Backfire Night as one of the best things any community could ever have! Videos here.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate Judge Drain Contempt Sanctions Against Bank of America in Ramos v. BoA BK SDNY No. 10-23019.

BoA always reading our websites to see how much we know about their corruption:

Here is Gretchen Morgenson's NYTimes story, "Why Judges are Scowling at Banks." Video forthcoming.
This month, the matter came before Robert D. Drain, a federal bankruptcy judge in New York. Judge Drain found Bank of America in contempt of the debt discharge order protecting the Ramoses and required the bank to pay Mr. Schwartz’s legal bills in the case. The judge also ordered the bank to pay $10,000 a month in sanctions to the Ramoses until it stopped making the repayment demands. Judge Drain acknowledged that it wasn’t a lot of money to Bank of America. But, he said, he hoped that its lawyers would get the message. “This is not just a stupid mistake” by the bank, the judge said. “This is a policy.”
I like Reporter Morgenson; I think she gets it. But even then I have helped her with Due Diligence regarding BoA's Anne M. Finucane and her rotten plagiarist husband Mike Barnicle

26 September 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Seattle City Council Candidate Kshama Sawant at Bill's Off Broadway.

Update, above: Seattle CNC Meeting 30 September 2013.

Kshama Sawant website.
The Stranger: A Proud, Brilliant Unapologetic Socialist is Exactly What our City Council Needs.  I agree, and I had my iPhone with me so I'll show you why I am picking up what she is putting down.

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25 September 2013

KingCast Says "Thank Goodness Boston Voters Rejected DA Dan Conley in Mayoral Run-Off."

That's what you get for being an asshole Dan, you and Jake Wark. You were probably the most well-heeled campaign but all that money took you nowhere, LOL. You could have been more than a contender but in the end you're just a pretender and you can go to hell, the both of you. You newbies watch the videos and get your background here.

Conley: "You know something... I don't have to talk to anybody...."  

KingCast: "Guess what Dan: The voters don't have to vote for anybody in particular either, particularly not you."

The man said "I'm as transparent as I can be...." and the voters indeed saw right through him.

24 September 2013

KingCast Presents Classics on Parade, Again: The '79 Porsche 911SC and the '65 Mustang Convertible.

The years are approximate but I'm probably smack on. The Mustang is the quintessential secretary's car with a 289 and slushbox with the chrome T-handle shifter. It was clean as a whistle, as was the 200K mile Porsche 911SC, which I would not kick out of bed for having chromed Fuchs.
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23 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies See Pennsylvania Federal Judge Assigned to Lorayne Souders' BoA FDCPA Case Hearing Shifted to POTUS/Nick Savino Threat Case.

Update: My apologies to former pro circuit tennis player Nick Saviano.... a Freudian slip in the headline yesterday.

Holy cow. Just two days ago I was noting that POTUS was again reading KingCast/Mortgage Movies and that I had shot President Obama several times but I'd never think that someone would actually allegedly (by ABC News)

a) write the White House and call him the Antichrist;
b) threaten to shoot him in a very different way than I have;
c) while maintaining an AR-15, long range scope and 11,000 rounds of ammo.

I'm going to reserve judgment on that but I'm sure that Judge Blewitt knows my opinion about the lying rats at Bank of America and their robo-signing pal Michelle Sjolander.... and I mean literally it is proved in the Court filings that Defendants lied about the date of receipt of her complaint in order to sneak into Federal Court on Removal grounds. By the time Plaintiff Souders figured out what was going on it was too late for her to file a formal Motion to Remand so the scumbuckets got away with it. Review the documentation of all of this, along with the relevant case of Bank of New York v. Alderazi,929 NYS 2nd. 198 (2011) here. Will Pennsylvania follow suit with Stare Decisis? Stay tuned as you watch this movie about Souders v. BoA. 

19 September 2013

POTUS Observed Reading KingCast/Mortgage Movies, Again.

Later today I'll post some of the many prior readings. I'm sure I don't have a clue as to how often POTUS is reading along because I don't check my tracker every day, and even when I do I only check the first page or two. Anyway, whatever, I've shot POTUS a few times..... that is him over my shoulder. This time he is reviewing a shady Revere, MA coverup in a grisly cop murder case and the putative next Mayor of Boston if things go wrong.... the incredibly shady and disrespectful DA Dan Conley. 

18 September 2013

KingCast Presents: Stills and Video from Ballard Backfire Moto Night #43.

All 46 stills are here at Flickr.

This poor woman apparently had no idea what street she was on this evening.

Starting out slowly.... Wish I had got that last pic a little more nailed down but it came up in a spur of the moment, like a bad pothole or the proverbial highway billboard cop LOL.... More stills and a movie soon.... For now enjoy the old video and some more stills from Night #41, below.

17 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Bonus: Inside Edition Bonus: Pam Ragland Uses Intuition to Find Slain Boy and to Slam US Bank Fraudclosure.

It has been a year of intrigue for Pam Ragland (journal page) who most recently helped to locate an 11 year old boy whom authorities believe was murdered by his brother. Here is Slate hating on her even though the authorities give her full credit, go figure. That is the focus of yesterday's Final Edition segment (link) but in reality her other story of victory over U.S. Bank is equally compelling (Neil Garfield Living Lies link). Ms. Ragland prevailed in a fraudulent foreclosure case that has exposed more patent fraud then even I can imagine, as a former closing attorney. I joined her this morning for part one in a series in which she will stress the importance of educating from the bottom up, using multimedia to thwart the powers that be in the banking and judicial corporations. She will be discussing these matters in depth in her forthcoming book appropriately titled "Bankrobbers." Multimedia is the key, as noted by this grassroots movie in the making, "10 Questions: America's Fraudclosure Crisis."

16 September 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Dirty Judge Roundup: Ciaverella, Limas, Courtney and TARP Pinto Brothers Bribers to Prison.

Another tragedy has been reported in Pennsylvania's kids for cash scandal. Leaving court after his conviction, Judge Mark Ciavarella was confronted by the mother of one of his victims. Edward Kenzakoski was a champion athlete headed for a sure scholarship before being sentenced by judge Ciavarella. After his sentence, his life fell apart and he descended into depression and suicide. Using figures in the story, the judge's average take for Kenzakoski and others was $250.
1. Luzerne County Scum -- Kids for Cash in privatized prisons -- with followup.
2. Judge Abel Limas fallout.
3. Alan W. Courtney lawyer estate thief.
4. Pinto family -- like father like son, TARP thieves.
5. Judge John Fairbanks, former client of Judge Paul Barbadoro.

15 September 2013

KingCast and Maxwell Smart First Seattle Tennis 2013!

I prevailed 6-3, 7-5 over a man a shade more than half my age... which is of course fun. Difference is, he probably went out dancing last night while I got friendly with a heating pad LOL. That first time out on hard courts after 4 months of non-play is a doozie no matter what your workout or yoga practice is, that much is certain.

-Maxie a/k/a Agent 86.

13 September 2013

KingCast Sees Seattle Car Theft Caught on Video: Police, City Council Must Step up Their Game.

Police have cameras on all of us civilians 24/7....
but when it comes down to it a private camera might save the day.

Mortgage Movies and Financial Revival Group's Michelle Darnell on Fighting Foreclosure in Washington State and Beyond.

You can fight foreclosure and obtain reasonable results, but only if you take immediate action and set aside your fear of banking institutions. We show you how.

12 September 2013

KingCast Presents: Cars of Capitol Hill - Roberts New Porsche 968, a 57 Woody, a 63 Volvo 544, a 94 940, a Lotus and a Nissan GT-R

Okay so it's kind of misleading because there are many cars here not from Capitol Hill, but who cares. Fun times were had by all :)

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Volvo..... For Life!

11 September 2013

KingCast Alert: Eugene Stahl Fired for Conduct Not Becoming; How Does the Cody Eller Motorcycle Road Rage Retrial Continue?

  UPDATE 11 Sept. 2013 -- Eugene Stahl was fired last night. Here is your back story. However, the Cody Eller Prosecution is still scheduled to go forward. How now brown cow? 

"Sir I understand you are no longer on the Pelham Police force....."

Now there may be several other valid points of concern relative to policing out there in Pelham as noted by the comments section.... which is perhaps why the Selectmen never returned my calls.... but whatever it is what it is, guys. And by the way I have the entire Cody Eller Hearing on the Motion to Set Aside the Verdict.... and I will be posting that shortly. As in, tomorrow:

09 September 2013

KingCast Smiles and Cops a Lean as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Release "White Walls."

Released 9 September 2013 White Walls!

Yah as noted in this July 24 journal entry, we were there at filming....We dig Macklemore: Not only is a a Good Rapper, he writes about real things. He does the Caddys, we do the Bimmers, the SAABs and the Volvos.....  but I definitely dig me some Detroit Iron. As to Cougars (item 7)... no comment.

Buick Deuce and a Quarter
Buick Riviera 425GS
Buick Centurion
All kinds of old iron at Boston Classic Cup.
All kinds of old iron at Larz Anderson.

KingCast Presents: North Star Madness at Ballard Beach!

More on this later. I am getting behind in my social media video that's for sure!

KingCast Presents: Matt Young and Hawken School Alums in Washington State 2013.

Matthew Young, spreading good cheer in 1973 and again in 2013.... it's All Good.

08 September 2013

KingCast Presents: Volvo -- For Life!

1977 at 12

1977-2016 at 52

Hot Momma at the helm, check.
Comfy and cavernous interior, check.
Venerable Red Engine 114hp "power plant" noisemaker, check.
We've got Ol' Yaller for going fast 
but he sure don't carry camping equipment too well....

Yes, a '94 940.... beautiful car, low miles but unfortunately probably one of only 12 in the U.S. without a sunroof. Of course one could argue you don't need it much in Seattle anyway LOL..... So then folks for the time being no more fire-breathing souped-up SAABs or Break My Wallet BMWs..... just good clean old school fun in a Volvo. With something like 17 Volvos between family members of course I'm certainly no stranger to that over the years.... as the video will show :)

I think I had just escaped from undergrad in '89.
Brought safely home in the same Volvo I almost rolled
falling asleep on a drive to Tennessee. Adrenaline Plus.

Sis, me and the Momma Bear in our brand-spanking new 1967 Volvo 144S.
Dig the speed racer mirror. That thing had a lovely exhaust howl and dual Solex carbs 
sat perched atop the B20 engine.

Technically I don't believe Volvo imported the 144S in '67 as it was a '68 car but ours was delivered in '67 and replaced a 4 year-old Mercury Comet that operated more like space junk.