26 July 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Shapiro & Burson Mortgage Foreclosure Whistleblower Jose Portillo Present: Attorney Discipline Testimony Against Matthew McDowell and John Burson.

Whoa boys and girls watch who's watching... the Baltimore County Government and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There's some dirty doings going on for certain.
Whoa, watch this boys and girls, I see a lawsuit and public policy issue arising shortly. And others have audio where the Judge admitted she had an Oath of Office to George McDermott after he questioned why she struck his appearance as Next Friend to the Grievance Commission. This does not appear on the audio so as such we have a valid reason for posting the audio along with Mr. McDermott's Affidavit, and I am going to telephone Attorney Botluck on this issue and record it with my re-issued Rode SVM.

This happened along with a taped call to the Administrative office on 30-31 July 2013. 

There's going to be a lot going on now.
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sorry, but this was sent to me:

NOTE: The Technical Services Department provides electronic recordings of Circuit Court proceedings for the limited purpose of verification of testimony. Any broadcast and/or copies made of an electronic recording is strictly prohibited by law and Administrative Order of this Court.
and thus removed.

Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com>
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F*** them, I will post it when I get *****s copies. That s**** is public record.

Oh it's all coming in the next several days. Recall that I may be the only journalist to have posted the actual complaint against these attorneys. I have many files to upload but I have all of the hearing. For now brush up on the 8,000 fraudulent deeds circulating in Maryland, a state that recently held the dubious distinction of having the highest foreclosure rate in the Country, thanks in part to Judges like Mickey Norman, who lie from the bench about material issues such as the purpose behind Emergency Rule 14-207.1 as drafted by responsible jurists including Judge of the Year Alan Wilner. It is a complete cesspool run by M&T Bank and I told Attorney Botluck that Stanley Reed and John Burson are all inexorably tied to Thomas P. Dore and that until these lawyers and Judges like Mickey Norman are permanently put out of business there will be no Justice in Maryland foreclosure cases. It's as simple as that.

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Christopher King said...

McDowell and Burson Attorney Disciplinary Hearings on Mortgage Movies Journal.
Christopher King
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Wait for it.



Christopher King
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to clkcomme, clkinfo, tdore, clkweb, todd, steve.lash, mdmanual, jlee, steve.kilar, Jamie, sheriff, Jose, AGCMD
And oh yes, I have documented some of the trips that MD government has made to my websites in the past several weeks, as well as the unreturned phone calls and emails to Sheriff R. Jay Fisher requesting comment on the Wetzelberger matter vis a vis the Federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act. I was told that my information requests were placed squarely on his desk.

I guess actions speak louder than words, don't they.

That is all for now.