15 July 2013

KingCast Encourages Civil Wrongful Death and 42 U.S.C. §1983 Lawsuits Against George Zimmerman.

Four words for Trayvon Martin's family: Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit

The fact that a Jury found the use of Zimmerman's force to be justifiable even after the police told that asshole "you don't have to do that (i.e. follow him)" is morally and legally aberrant. Anyway, that will wipe the smile right off his face, just ask OJ.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big advocate of stopping the way the criminal justice system treats blacks. I also agree with most of what you say about other things.

However, the Zimmerman case is the wrong case to further the (good) agenda of protecting black people from the racist criminal justice system. There was absolutely no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman acted in other than self-defense, and had the roles been reversed, I certainly would have acquitted Martin, after I watched the whole trial.

When we dilute the standard of proof for everyone because we disagree with a verdict, it will also make it worse for blacks who are already disproportionately convicted and given harsher sentences. Making it easier to convict white people will also make it easier to convict black people.

I say let the civil system sort out whether Zimmerman acted in other than self-defense because now Zimmerman has no right against self-incrimination. It's bad policy to convict anyone without proof of guilt.

Other than this, I say keep up your good work.

Christopher King said...

Interesting. Since you watched the trial, how did the whole thing get turned around?

Basically from what I understand we have Zimmerman, armed and dangerous, pursuing an unarmed black man (Trayvon Martin) after being told by the police not to do so.

Then from what I understand the unarmed black man may have got the better of him according to Zimmerman but the problem is that Zimmerman came to the nuisance so to speak. He was armed and Martin was authorized to use whatever force he could to protect himself from a guy with a gun.

Please explain.


Anonymous said...

Martin had no idea Zimmerman was armed until he saw the gun during the struggle that occurred which he tried to grab. Zimmerman maintained control of his legally owned gun and did what he needed to do to defend himself. The autopsy reveals that Martin was shot while he was above Zimmerman somewhere between 1-18's away (within arms reach). Zimmerman was never ordered not to follow Martin the dispatcher said "you don't need to do that" that's not a lawful order. Martin was known user of DMX "lean" a concoction made up of soda or Ice tea, Robitussin cough syrup, and skittles. The shit gives a high like pcp or ketamine. Text messages show Martin was pissed and agitated the day he was shot, 3 months before he was shot a text message from a friend of his told Martin if he didn't smarten up he was gonna end up gettin shot. Martin was the one who was racially profilin that night with his "creepy ass cracka" comment about Zimmerman. If Martin was so scared why didn't he call 911. The kid was punk wanna be gangsta who was getting in trouble all the time for fights assaulting a teacher at his school, suspected drug dealing, drug use, burglary. Sadly his friends prediction came true