05 July 2013

KingCast Columbus, Ohio Affiliates at Justice for Kids Suing Dirty Cops and Winning Bogus Stalking Cases as they Expose More NCLB Fraud.

I'll be watching these videos tonight or on a road break as I am in motion right now but for now just know that we have been exposing corruption in Columbus Public Schools since I was a Civil Rights lawyer in the 90's. In this journal entry are the 2011 WTVN radio interviews with James Whitaker, Ms. Kennedy Kent, Attorney Bob Fitrakis, Dirk Thompson and Yours Truly. It's sad but true that Columbus Law Enforcement types tell lies all of the time; on Jerry Doyle's (RIP here is my Eulogy) cases watch me trip up Officer McFadden who should never have been on the force after he lied back in the Day when Allen Thrower was sent to prison based on said lies.

Not to mention the Superintendent Gene Harris No-Confidence vote.
Watch the corruption unfold at Justiceforkids.net, simply shocking.

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