16 July 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate Cloture Vote on Richard Cordray but Warn that NeoCon Kelly Ayotte is Still to be Watched.

As noted in this August 2011 journal entry my former Ohio Attorney General co-workers Kent Markus and Richard Cordray will indeed be the head men in charge at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. As noted in today's NPR story today's 71-29 cloture vote puts the issue to rest. The best quote from a comment in today's story is entirely true of neo-Con Junior Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire:
Unfortunately Republicans are not opposing the CFPB on the right principles. They should oppose it because it will become just another cronyist, revolving door bureaucracy that will create more problems than it solves. Instead, they are opposed to it because they simply do not want anyone looking over the shoulders of their buddies in the financial industry.
Indeed. When Kelly Ayotte was NH AG she allowed the largest consumer fraud scam in the State's history, and it related to what?

Mortgages. The FRM Ponzi scam.

This despite the fact that she founded a so-called task force for mortgages. Here's the press release to an event that returned nothing. The folks at Politico, who ran a half-assed story about my lawsuit against her even knew that much. She's such a complete ass-hat it defies description, and the fact that I as a former Assistant AG know her game inside and out made her and John McCain lock me out of her publicly-advertised events on the campaign trail. Sure the Courts let her get away with it, but that's all the more shame on the system, not me. I'm just your humble narrator. Now watch me in these two movies at top narrate with Kelly at New Hampshire town hall meeting where she stumbles while facing an elderly constituent and yours truly, and watch me in action at her Washington office where I lay it out for her staff. 

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