25 July 2013

KingCast and Clifford Pisano Ponder if the U.S. Department of Justice is Going to Issue Racketeering or Other Criminal Charges at Revere Developer Vincent A. DiCesare?

You remember how the Revere Developers lied on their application regarding CERCLA and Superfund issues at the contaminated 525 Beach Street address? And how the City of Revere knew damn well that the area was contaminated yet did nothing and allowed the zoning application to proceed without the general public knowing? And how the Mayor and his jackass admin Miles Lang Kennedy called the police on me for making inquiry even though I have experience as a zoning manager in New England? And how City Counselor Ira Novoselsky put his hands on my camera?  And the MassDEP allowed the coverup pending our forthcoming notification to U.S. EPA? 

Much of it you can see right here. And here is the specific journal entry that the U.S. DOJ was reading. They can all block my emails but the public is still merrily reading along, right. Well apparently the story is not over.... but of course it is possible that the DOJ will sit and watch and do nothing and aid and abet the criminals; I've seen that all before on my Kelly Ayotte cases. Time will tell.

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