30 July 2013

From the You Can't Always Get What You Want Files: Prosecutor Rob Tobias All Pissed-Off: "I lost to KingCast Dammit!!!"

Yah Rob Tobias is Mr. Hot Stuff these days in Hillbilly-Centric Columbus, Ohio as Director of Prosecution Resources but he'll never forget the day (or week) he spent getting his fanny spanked by Jerry Doyle (RIP) and Yours Truly. And thanks to the miracle of video conversion of that and other files from the 1990's I get to show the World the way things really happened. You can see from the video he's so pissed-off he won't even shake my hand, LOL. It's all coming together soon and so too is the Can't Always Get What You Want movie for U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, headed to Sundance. We thought years ago we were going to do it on the Franconia Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay and Greg Floyd coverup but that will be a footnote to her mortgage coverups and FRM ponzi failures. Production started years ago and continues in earnest next month on location in New Hampshire.

PS: Another interesting question is why my former client Michael Isreal was subjected to a City Council watch and profile sustained under Richard C. Pfeiffer's office. Whodunnit and why?

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Christopher King said...

Sundance 2014: Hey Brian, you are correct: You cannot always get what you want :)

Christopher King
8:45 AM (0 minutes ago)

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And Kelly of all people should know that, from her failed attempts at prosecuting me on a First Amendment retaliation case LOL. Yep, there I sat ready willing and able to go through trial when the State caved in AFTER voir dire, and that's a fact.

And of course Prosecutor Bill Albrecht (And Kelly) couldn't get what they wanted when he tried to get a gag order on me and then he got run out of office on an ethics scandal right:

And Judge and former AG John Arnold couldn't get what he wanted because he couldn't retire without scandal and a recall demand:

Cheshire County NH’s Judge John P Arnold’s Retirement announcement comes just ahead of Hearings on his Impeachment…..

Accepted by The House Rules Committee, a Petition naming Judge John P Arnold, Marital Master David Forrest and the Cheshire County Superior Court, filed by Rep. Jeff Oligny on behalf of Dr. David D. Vandenberg has been accepted and will now go to the Redress Committee.


Anyway there are a lot of angry prosecutor types who couldn't get what they wanted against me so Kelly shouldn't feel too bad LOL:


So now we reach the inevitable conclusion that you are correct. I will never get full justice and the other American taxpayer will never get full justice and Senators like Kelly Ayotte will always lie, cheat and steal and make up phony-assed "mortgage fraud task forces" while they and their cronies profit from buying up the distressed properties, so we lose.

But Kelly doesn't get it all either because like it or not I have helped to taint her credibility in ways she never imagined when she set out to take me down in the first place when I was NAACP Legal Chair, and that is something that the punk-assed journalists at who ran half-assed stories or who interviewed me and never ran stories can't get away from.

And we're just getting started my friend. Production continues next month in New Hampshire.