11 July 2013

Dirty Defense Lawyers Grill MD Paralegal Jose Portillo on his Association with KingCast & Mortgage Movies as Attorney Discipline Hearings Continue.

We have ordered the full audio transcript but for now you may recall this journal entry noting the ongoing nature of various disciplinary proceedings in Baltimore, MD relative to foreclosure fraud. 

Well I just got off the phone with Attorney Botluck and he confirmed that Defense Attorney Stanley Reed did question Mr. Portillo about me and what materials he provided to me in addition to the information about the 8,000 bogus, forged and/or fabricated Deeds and Affidavits used to foreclose on Maryland homeowners. Suffice it to say that I told him all about hand-picked Micky Norman lying about the purpose behind Emergency Rule 14-207.1 and I told him about the thugs who appeared at Kathy Weaver's home this week faking a phone call to Ms. Weaver as they attempt to throw her out on the street. 

What happened was that they made a phone call to a woman was was not Ms. Weaver and pretended to talk to her as the woman on the other end of the phone pretended to tell them that she wasn't home. This is similar to the conduct in which a process server lied about the Wetzelberger family being combative and threatening when in point of fact they were not even at home on the day, date and time in question.

The Weaver foreclosure is another Thomas P. Dore foreclosure, of course. 

The Wetzelberger fraud closure is another Thomas P. Dore foreclosure, of course.

Much more on this soon, but for now please note that once you get away from Maryland, courts are much less likely to accept M&T Bank's heavy hand. See the Remand smack down delivered in Crockett v. Mutual of Omaha and M&T Bank, 12-CV-0779 out of Tennessee. This is because of Vernon Boozer, Thomas P. Dore's partner in crime. Boozer was in Md. Senate for 19 years and he is no doubt behind scenes working all of this including cover up of Dore's crimes since he is personally liable as a partner of the firm it's blatantly obvious and these judges are covering for all of them.

Watch the step and fetch it negro receptionist working hard for Massuh Dore in this video, trying to make herself invisible and to deny that Mr. Wetzelberger and I are in the right office. Note further that my sources indicate that Steve Kilar -- who apparently had to be forced into posting one of my comments about Thomas P. Dore in the Baltimore Sun -- was not present for Jose Portillo's testimony that these scumbag attorneys basically told him to violate the law and knew full well that they were violating the law. Attorney Botluck and his crew have a lot of work to do. I suggest we send him a gross of Lysol and a mop for starters.


Atticus Finch said...


Your old nemesis DA Dan Conley is running for mayor of Boston, and in what amounts to a publicity stunt, he ordered his storm troopers to follow and take (not ask) a DNA swab so he might match it to DeSalvo. i know you are familiar with this case given your work with Casey Sherman. Decades after the case is all but closed he does this, so he can exhume DeSalvo's remains and close the file. Why? and why the cloak and dagger with the family instead of just explaning the need and asking? i suspect there was no good reason, and he needed a headline for his campaign.

Keep an eye on him, you could spoil his ego trip.

Christopher King said...

DA Dan Conley.... what a joker, at least on the First Amendment tip. Yeah I'll take a look into this and will head to his office for an interview if I'm back on the East Coast before the election, thanks for the heads up!

Watch this:


Christopher King said...

Someone wrote a comment in here claiming that I'm just doing this because I'm pissed off about a one year suspension from law I got over a decade ago. The person went on to employ some racist jargon that I'll not repeat in this space.

Even if that were true, I'm not so sure how it relates to Jose Portillo uncovering massive amounts of foreclosure fraud and him thanking me for doing the same, given my experience as a licensed title insurance producer in the years following the suspension period.

Were I that into being a traditional lawyer again I would no doubt pursue a path taken by Michael McLaughlin, who was not only suspended but a disbarred convicted felon who is now of counsel at the tony NH law firm of Shaheen & Gordon.

Really. Read all about it.


Christopher King said...

So now this fool continues to write me saying I'm no kind of lawyer and blah blah blah.... even though I have won First Amendment trials as seen right here.


Whatever the case I am a lawyer with experience as a licensed title insurance producer whether I practice or not, and I am a journalist with experience at large and medium-sized press so there you go.

And I value the opinion of the attorneys I work with more than yours, LOL.


Christi said...

This is gorgeous!