30 July 2013

From the You Can't Always Get What You Want Files: Prosecutor Rob Tobias All Pissed-Off: "I lost to KingCast Dammit!!!"

Yah Rob Tobias is Mr. Hot Stuff these days in Hillbilly-Centric Columbus, Ohio as Director of Prosecution Resources but he'll never forget the day (or week) he spent getting his fanny spanked by Jerry Doyle (RIP) and Yours Truly. And thanks to the miracle of video conversion of that and other files from the 1990's I get to show the World the way things really happened. You can see from the video he's so pissed-off he won't even shake my hand, LOL. It's all coming together soon and so too is the Can't Always Get What You Want movie for U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, headed to Sundance. We thought years ago we were going to do it on the Franconia Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay and Greg Floyd coverup but that will be a footnote to her mortgage coverups and FRM ponzi failures. Production started years ago and continues in earnest next month on location in New Hampshire.

PS: Another interesting question is why my former client Michael Isreal was subjected to a City Council watch and profile sustained under Richard C. Pfeiffer's office. Whodunnit and why?

27 July 2013

KingCast Presents: A trip to Bellevue with a Whacky Morning on Route 520....

Basically, some nouveau riche sailboaters caught us before the Bellevue Arts Festival but it was cool...... except the bridge swung open again 
right before I could get on that skateboard!

26 July 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Shapiro & Burson Mortgage Foreclosure Whistleblower Jose Portillo Present: Attorney Discipline Testimony Against Matthew McDowell and John Burson.

Whoa boys and girls watch who's watching... the Baltimore County Government and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There's some dirty doings going on for certain.
Whoa, watch this boys and girls, I see a lawsuit and public policy issue arising shortly. And others have audio where the Judge admitted she had an Oath of Office to George McDermott after he questioned why she struck his appearance as Next Friend to the Grievance Commission. This does not appear on the audio so as such we have a valid reason for posting the audio along with Mr. McDermott's Affidavit, and I am going to telephone Attorney Botluck on this issue and record it with my re-issued Rode SVM.

This happened along with a taped call to the Administrative office on 30-31 July 2013. 

There's going to be a lot going on now.
5:13 PM (7 minutes ago)
to me
sorry, but this was sent to me:

NOTE: The Technical Services Department provides electronic recordings of Circuit Court proceedings for the limited purpose of verification of testimony. Any broadcast and/or copies made of an electronic recording is strictly prohibited by law and Administrative Order of this Court.
and thus removed.

Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com>
5:21 PM (0 minutes ago)
to *********
F*** them, I will post it when I get *****s copies. That s**** is public record.

Oh it's all coming in the next several days. Recall that I may be the only journalist to have posted the actual complaint against these attorneys. I have many files to upload but I have all of the hearing. For now brush up on the 8,000 fraudulent deeds circulating in Maryland, a state that recently held the dubious distinction of having the highest foreclosure rate in the Country, thanks in part to Judges like Mickey Norman, who lie from the bench about material issues such as the purpose behind Emergency Rule 14-207.1 as drafted by responsible jurists including Judge of the Year Alan Wilner. It is a complete cesspool run by M&T Bank and I told Attorney Botluck that Stanley Reed and John Burson are all inexorably tied to Thomas P. Dore and that until these lawyers and Judges like Mickey Norman are permanently put out of business there will be no Justice in Maryland foreclosure cases. It's as simple as that.

25 July 2013

KingCast and Clifford Pisano Ponder if the U.S. Department of Justice is Going to Issue Racketeering or Other Criminal Charges at Revere Developer Vincent A. DiCesare?

You remember how the Revere Developers lied on their application regarding CERCLA and Superfund issues at the contaminated 525 Beach Street address? And how the City of Revere knew damn well that the area was contaminated yet did nothing and allowed the zoning application to proceed without the general public knowing? And how the Mayor and his jackass admin Miles Lang Kennedy called the police on me for making inquiry even though I have experience as a zoning manager in New England? And how City Counselor Ira Novoselsky put his hands on my camera?  And the MassDEP allowed the coverup pending our forthcoming notification to U.S. EPA? 

Much of it you can see right here. And here is the specific journal entry that the U.S. DOJ was reading. They can all block my emails but the public is still merrily reading along, right. Well apparently the story is not over.... but of course it is possible that the DOJ will sit and watch and do nothing and aid and abet the criminals; I've seen that all before on my Kelly Ayotte cases. Time will tell.

KingCast Presents: The Girls of Summer.

24 July 2013

KingCast and the iPhone Present: A Day at the Beach and a Macklemore/Ryan Lewis Video Shoot at Dick's Drive In!

Released 9 September 2013 White Walls!

The beach part was intentional, the Macklemore part was just a ride by. We dig Macklemore: Not only is a a Good Rapper, he writes about real things.

As far as the phone goes, I'm thinking about the Nokia Lumia 920 and trashing the iPhone. As long as the vids and stills upload and transfer I'll probably do it. If I shoot a Zeiss lens on the Canon why not keep it in the family.

23 July 2013

KingCast Presents: Elvis and the Boys of Summer, Providence 2013 at Scurvy Dog 5 Year Anniversary!

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: 2013 Ill. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1412 -- Another Mortgage Victory for the Homeowner in Illinois..... No Firsthand Knowledge!

This in addition to Bank of America taking body slams in Texas and Colorado litigation. Note however that Neighborhood Lending Services v. Henderson 2013 IL App (1st) 121374-U, *; 2013 Ill. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1412 (June 28 2013) is unpublished, as most of the homeowner victories are. I learned a lot of bullshit in law school but one thing that a cool professor told me was that The System tries to hide and to minimize cases that are good for the little people. I see it all the time. Not to discourage judges from doing the right thing, but at this point why should I pull a punch. The banks and their dirty lying attorneys like Shawn Masterson don't. This is the Wild, Wild West folks, and I am just Your Humble Narrator. 

21 July 2013

Coke and a Smile, or in the Alternative, KingCast and John Z. DeLorean are Back to the Future!

Well Honey John Z. DeLorean was a GM executive largely responsible for the Pontiac GTO, the first real muscle car... and my favorite overall. 
Then in the 1980's things got a little complicated...... 
RIP John you did the World a great service.

18 July 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Bank of America Slammed to Settlement in Texas and Sued in RICO in Colorado!

Also a new lawsuit is coming, Rob Somerton and his attorneys are gathering empirical pattern and practice evidence:

Our attorneys are exploring a new lawsuit against Bank of America over mortgage fraud, they've ask me to handle the initial intake because of my extensive online social network. They're asking for a ONE page description/timeline of YOUR Countrywide/BoA Modclosure (modification/foreclosure) experiences. We are taking in stories from all 50 states, still working out the parameters/details.
Folks can pm me here on fb or e-mail
Rob - rpsomerton@gmail.com
 — with Lainey Hashorva and 50 others inUnited States.

Note: In the above thumbnail see how the Chicago Tribune is reading along about the corruption in Maryland. Not the first time they have followed me; my idol Mike Royko wrote not one but two stories about one of my First Amendment Tattoo cases when I was a practicing Civil Rights lawyer. Today they were reading this journal entry and that journal entry about twice-sanctioned Teflon Don Thomas P. Dore.

Note: I have downloaded all the relevant docs from Pacer and will post by tomorrow morning. The video is not directly related to either of these cases but serves as a good primer on the over-arching aura of skullduggery practiced by Bank of America.

The Plaintiff-based Seattle law firm of Hagens, Berman, Sobol & Shapiro (no relation to THAT Shapiro, ahem) has sued in RICO in the Colorado case of George et al. v. BoA and Urban Settlement Services 13-CV-01819 PAB/KLM. The scope of Bank of America’s illegality vis a vis America’s mortgage crisis knows no bounds. Just this month a class action lawsuit was filed in Colorado because of Bank of America’s systemic fraudulent conduct: 
The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Colorado on July 10, alleges that Bank of America masterminded a scheme which allowed it to deny help it had promised to give thousands of its customers in exchange for $45 billion it took in bailout funds.
“We believe that Bank of America gamed the system, perpetrating a fraud on both its customers and American taxpayers,” said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman and one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit. “BofA promised that it would work with homeowners to modify their mortgages under the HAMP program. Instead it took $45 billion in taxpayer money and fought as hard as it could to avoid granting modifications, squeezing every last dollar from its customers and wrongfully foreclosing thousands of people’s homes in the process.”
Meanwhile McCarthy v. Bank of America 411-CV-356 (ND Texas Forth Worth) (Memorandum and Order Denying Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Breach of Contract/Deceptive Trade and Collection Practices suit December 22, 2011)(Order to Produce Proof of Ownership of Note July 1, 2013) (Settled July 9 2013). Excerpt from the December, 2011 ORDER:

………..As the United States Supreme Court so clearly explained approximately 140 years ago:

The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential[ the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it while an assignment of the latter alone is nullity. Carpenter v. Longan[ 83 U.S. 271[ 274 (1872) (citations omitted).

KingCast Presents: Stills and Video from Ballard Backfire Moto Night #41.

Video by weekend. Too much new apartment stuff going on!
Track Lady Mel and I discussing volunteerism on track days and the fact that Ol' Yaller 
(the Sprint RS in the background) really isn't well-suited for the track. 
What it is suited for is spirited canyon carving and the day-to-day thing.... 
and cross-country escapades such as the one that brought me to Seattle.

Yes, there is video of Brian doing his thing on his '74 H2.
BTW you know you're a bike guy when you have to get home 
to edit the picture before you realize you didn't even see the 
$130K Maserati Quattroporte flash by, one of the best sedans, ever.
More stills to follow as well.

16 July 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate Cloture Vote on Richard Cordray but Warn that NeoCon Kelly Ayotte is Still to be Watched.

As noted in this August 2011 journal entry my former Ohio Attorney General co-workers Kent Markus and Richard Cordray will indeed be the head men in charge at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. As noted in today's NPR story today's 71-29 cloture vote puts the issue to rest. The best quote from a comment in today's story is entirely true of neo-Con Junior Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire:
Unfortunately Republicans are not opposing the CFPB on the right principles. They should oppose it because it will become just another cronyist, revolving door bureaucracy that will create more problems than it solves. Instead, they are opposed to it because they simply do not want anyone looking over the shoulders of their buddies in the financial industry.
Indeed. When Kelly Ayotte was NH AG she allowed the largest consumer fraud scam in the State's history, and it related to what?

Mortgages. The FRM Ponzi scam.

This despite the fact that she founded a so-called task force for mortgages. Here's the press release to an event that returned nothing. The folks at Politico, who ran a half-assed story about my lawsuit against her even knew that much. She's such a complete ass-hat it defies description, and the fact that I as a former Assistant AG know her game inside and out made her and John McCain lock me out of her publicly-advertised events on the campaign trail. Sure the Courts let her get away with it, but that's all the more shame on the system, not me. I'm just your humble narrator. Now watch me in these two movies at top narrate with Kelly at New Hampshire town hall meeting where she stumbles while facing an elderly constituent and yours truly, and watch me in action at her Washington office where I lay it out for her staff. 

15 July 2013

KingCast and Scurvy Dog Present: The Canon Stare Down with Jami Sleaze.

I wish I could bring the Scurvy Dog and all of its people to Seattle, Barring that I'll see y'all every 3 months! xo from your bro.

KingCast Encourages Civil Wrongful Death and 42 U.S.C. §1983 Lawsuits Against George Zimmerman.

Four words for Trayvon Martin's family: Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit

The fact that a Jury found the use of Zimmerman's force to be justifiable even after the police told that asshole "you don't have to do that (i.e. follow him)" is morally and legally aberrant. Anyway, that will wipe the smile right off his face, just ask OJ.

09 July 2013

KingCast Quintessential Cross Country Road Trip Stills Part II.

Agrarian stuff as identified by a city slicker.
And don't forget the Pittsburgh Section at Stills Part I.

The Ladies' Section.

On the bike portion we see where I was all bugged out coming through Wisconsin. We see a random bike wash of a vintage Yamaha YM1 305 in Minneapolis, I think. Actually I have no idea where the hell I was half of the time LOL.....  and a bloke from Canada who stopped by on his Gold Wing to take a pic of me when he saw me taking a pic of the Montana mountain range, at least I think I was in Montana..... And the BMW K75 RT couple I met near their home base in Madison, WI as I offered them a shot of Honda Polish for their visors. They have packed in 26K miles this season.... since April. Whoa. On a 750cc motorcycle. Even though it is a BMW touring bike, whoa. Let me tell you those Montana/Idaho Mountain ranges and those winds you need to be on top of your game and I wouldn't care to do it on anything less than my 955i -- especially two-up -- you get kinda spoiled by the response and power characteristics.

A Perfect Mountain View in Westerly Montana; Missoula Below:

Partial Food Section. Anybody who has heard of John Belushi knows the Bill Goat Tavern; and anyone breezing through Spokane should know Jones Radiator and their infamous coffee BBQ wings. Meanwhile up top is an outside shot of a great brew pub where I drank some Bongwater at the Kettlehouse Tavern in Missoula, MT. Missoula gets the nod for surprise town of the trip, what an uber chill place.

Travel Section.
For sure the most awesome moment along the way happened in Cleveland.... running into my friends Davor and Vesna, who happened to be visiting with their mother with Vesna's husband Christian, in from South Carolina. Davor appropriately enough lives in Seattle! Now the last time I saw Vesna and Christian I had just bought SAAB #6 and was driving it back from South Carolina. Anyway those of us who know us well know that we do tend to appear together at random times..... We go back.... way back...... to 1972 dammit!

Obligatory Livestock photo.
Coming up!

Here are some of the Harrisburg/Pittsburgh stills, by tomorrow I am hoping to post more on Cleveland, Hartford, Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison, Fargo and Bozeman. Unfortunately I did not find Jerry Lundergard or a tan Cutlass Ciera. Fortunately I did not find any dead bodies, either.

And yes, they do talk like that from Wisconsin on over but it's actually quite charming. I may have some on video but naturally every time a good conversation came up last night I had shut off the camera you know how that works.

Below are shots from Ashtabula/Madison Ohio (with Carole Stallard), Hartford CT with Aunt Tootie (who always appears around my motorcycles see 1988 LOL), 
Cleveland with Dad and Billings, MT with David Parks, 
my old friend from Nashua, NH.