22 June 2013

The Solstice Challenge: "So KingCast..... What Brings You Out Here.... to This Exclusive All-White Community?"

Soooo..... I'm hanging at my best friend's house last night preparing to catch the vivid moon at Summer Solstice 2013.... in one of Boston's more exclusive communities. I don't have the right lens (only had the Zeiss 45mm 2.8) so I just tripodded it up and went for what I could get. Then basically my friend's neighbor drives by just checking up on things and asked me if I needed any help to which I said "Nope, thank you I'm All Set. I'm here with friends." But he kind of lingered a bit too long so when he again asked me the question the following colloquy ensued: 

"What brings you here?" 

"Friendship..... and that yellow Triumph motorcycle over there." He kind of just stammered himself away as he drove up the street LOL.

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