03 June 2013

KingCast Joins Ethnic Online President Leonard Webb on the Road with Gateway College's Dr. Dorsey Kendrick and Yale's Dean Rodney Cohen.

This was my first time meeting Dr. Kendrick, and she is an absolute riot, quick to laugh but always about the business. She's also a woman with an incredible ability to "make it happen," as in successfully championing the cause of alternative and second career students, to give them a home where they can learn with dignity. I told her that the new building resembles something more akin to a law school than a community college.

I have met Yale's Dean Rodney Cohen last year at another Ethnic Online quarterly launch and he too is a fun-loving sort of fellow but obviously all about education as well. Part of what makes Dr. Cohen so amusing is that he already knows what you were going to say about pretty much anything before you say it, particularly when it comes to black history in America and educating our youth. Stay tuned for the interviews here and over at Ethnic Online!

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