02 June 2013

KingCast Files Complaint on Unruly Providence Cop for "Driving While Motorcycle."

7 September 2015 update:
I see the City has read this complaint a few days ago after I reached out to Projo Reporter Amanda Milkovits:  Ms. Milkovits had just authored the 3 Sept 2015 story about Dana Harris, Jr. being harassed for having a goddamn air freshener obstructing his vision. See top photo.

Anyway now that I know they have read my complaint (see the thumbnail above) I'll be all up in that ass tomorrow, on a taped phone call. And I want some goddamn answers this time. As noted, I have both sued and represented law enforcement in my current investigation into the police shootings, kickings, and civil unrest in Delaware and I can safely say this sort of misconduct is what gets cops killed. It's not cool but it happens. And it needs to fucking STOP.

I see the U.S. Department of Justice is visiting me again. With so much time spent on this site you would think they would have helped me get some Justice for my mother, right.

Anyway this event happened three (3) weeks ago but I figured I would sit on it so I didn't have this guy on the hunt for me before I move out of town. Here is my online submission that will be followed up in print soon:

First of all you must know that I saw the police officer in Car #42 at all times. I knew he was next to me and I knew he was behind me. I am a 48 year-old motorcycle veteran (riding since 1973) and former assistant state attorney. I do not ride recklessly and I always wear my gear.

On the day date and time in question I had just purchased a new rear tire and was getting a feel for it. I curved around a manhole cover, NEVER LEAVING MY LANE OF TRAVEL.

I never exceeded 31 miles per hour.

I never gunned my engine.

I never popped a wheelie.

I do not have a loud exhaust.

What I do have is a very colorful fancy-looking motorcycle.

As I approached Broadway traveling W/B on Sabin, this officer started blaring comments at me through his bullhorn. I could not hear him at first because of all the echoing that was going on, then I heard him bellow:

"I'll put that thing on the trailer! You're going way too fast and you're all over the road! Do you hear me, I'll put that thing on the trailer!"

He made it perfectly clear that if I said anything to him he was going to literally find a reason to put my bike on the trailer, reckless ops, whatever he could think of.

The problem is, as noted, I was not being reckless or dangerous or even speeding. If the speed limit is 25 there perhaps 30 is "speeding" but since when does anyone get this treatment for a 5mph infraction? 

Keep in mind I saw him the whole time, and knew he was there. Why in the hell would I be playing around with a police officer right next to me? This officer was completely out of line and I decided to call him on it. 

But when I telephoned in that night I requested that the call be taped and began to explain what happened and the first thing the receptionist said when I said he was out of line was: 

"I don't know I wasn't there....."

"Well I was there and he was out of line."

"Well if the officer pulled you over he had to have some reason...."

"Ma'am you don't know that because you were not there, you just told me as much."

This whole thing was completely unprofessional. IF the officer in car 42 had a legitimate beef with me then he should have gone ahead and cited me for something. Or if he had a question about why I curved around a manhole cover he could ask me, I would have respectfully told him and he would have said, "OK just be careful out there" or words of similar import.

But no. His whole point was to assume I was some snot-nosed street punk or something, and to berate me. Well as someone who has successfully sued and represented law enforcement, I won't stand for that abuse.

I hereby request the following:

1. To meet with his Captain and tell his Captain about this.

2. To have this letter placed in his permanent file.

Respectfully submitted,

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Christopher King said...

13 April 2014 update:

I called and called and they just never did jack shit.

Just goes to show their level of professionalism, ahem.