19 June 2013

KingCast Explains Why to Use Kelly Ayotte Stories for Fish Paper and Why so Much Injustice Exists in America.

More on this later today with links and including a Dave Ridley video discussing related matters, but basically she is now trying to distance herself from her old pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently found liable for multiple Civil Rights violations. I interviewed Sheriff Joe in the video below before Kelly Ayotte and her jackbooted GOP thug friends threw me out of the publicly-advertised event where Nashua PD were no doubt on community time. She legally got away with it because the Federal Court system is there to protect the government, the rich and the powerful. 

I was going to appeal it to SCOTUS but you know what? I realized that I'll probably not have that problem for the rest of my life. I've been a journo off and on since 1987 and the only other politician who was enough of an asshole to treat me like that was another New England jackass, i.e. Masshole D.A. Dan Conley. And just as with Ayotte I got his antics on video with his sidekick Jake Wark so folks can really see what's going on. In the end Nashua PD lawyer Brian Cullen is probably correct that the High Court will continue to protect this sort of activity. The District Court -- (including hand-picked Judge Landya B. McCafferty whom I shamed into recusal and my Case Western Reserve Law School co-alum John J. McConnell -- and the First Circuit Court of Appeals both stepped around the major issues and case law, and sadly that is the way Justice is done in this Country. Whatever end they want to achieve they just go through the means to get there, then they have the nerve to point fingers at people like me. Well you know the old adage about pointing fingers, right. 

I again saw the injustice when another Federal Judge ignored my Rule 11 Sanctions when my mother moved to Intervene in the Title XIX malfeasance lawsuit of Shafer v. Bremby, 12-CV-00039. Our Medicaid paperwork was all set in properly after some initial confusion, but once it was all in the DSS Office ran well over deadlines and committed criminal malfeasance and even admitted it in emails to our family. Then the AG's Office, by and through George Jepsen, completely lied and got away with it and the Court, by and through Judge Alvin W. Thompson and his clerk Jennifer Sykes didn't even address the matter of sanctions even though it has been fully briefed for months on end. Nor did the Court convene a meeting or allow my Mom to Intervene even after I obtained a Connecticut Power of Attorney and the law is oh-so-clear on that.  So the Court just ignored my Rule 60 Motion and the goddamn Defendants know they have the Judge in the goddamn bag so they didn't even respond to it. 

Corruption at its finest.

I will write the ABA and issue a complaint and that will be ignored as well.

Again, corruption at its finest.

When I was a bright-eyed and busy-tailed Assistant State Attorney I really believed that you could get Justice if you made logical arguments and had the facts on your side. I now see how mistaken I really was. These people are doing the Devil's Work, that much is clear. I would tell them all to go to Hell but then again I don't have to tell them because they are already there. The only problem is that they are dragging the rest of us down with them.

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