22 June 2013

The Solstice Challenge: "So KingCast..... What Brings You Out Here.... to This Exclusive All-White Community?"

Soooo..... I'm hanging at my best friend's house last night preparing to catch the vivid moon at Summer Solstice 2013.... in one of Boston's more exclusive communities. I don't have the right lens (only had the Zeiss 45mm 2.8) so I just tripodded it up and went for what I could get. Then basically my friend's neighbor drives by just checking up on things and asked me if I needed any help to which I said "Nope, thank you I'm All Set. I'm here with friends." But he kind of lingered a bit too long so when he again asked me the question the following colloquy ensued: 

"What brings you here?" 

"Friendship..... and that yellow Triumph motorcycle over there." He kind of just stammered himself away as he drove up the street LOL.

21 June 2013

KingCast says: "I need a taxi dammit!!!"

You would have thought he was a black man in 1980 trying to get Uptown after 4pm LOL.....

19 June 2013

Gov. Cuomo and Senator Skelos Caught with Pants Down in Nassau Cabbie Cop Shooting and Illegal Cell Phone Use.

Update: Just as I completed this movie I discovered that other Nassau cops are in the dirt with a Bad Shoot: Anthony DiLeonardo and Edward Bienz shot cabbie Thomas Moroughan twice and broke his nose while they were drunk, recalling shade of the Revere Dan Talbot police shooting trial that I covered in video. It also recalls my client Michael Isreal's Ohio Court of Claims V96-61481 when I got the Court of Claims to make a finding against my former boss (Ohio AG Betty Montgomery) that Hamilton Officers Hensley and Rhodes had made him a victim of violent crime. Here is the bartender describing the debauchery in Revere:

Note that in Ohio the Defendants took pride in telling the Court that the officers were still on the force, same as in Nassau. And in Nassau they didn't even commence the IA investigation until 99 days had passed. Whatever the case, with all due respect Governor Cuomo can Chris Ebel now finally obtain his 361 Internal Affairs complaint or what talismanic incantation is required? Obviously this letter from his attorney didn't help:

Praying for Justice..... and a copy of his finalized 361 Internal Affairs Complaint.
Here is the movie soundtrack from REM, 
"Don't go back to Rockville....and waste another year....."

Dean Skelos' office Rockville office frowned on open government today by refusing to allow video of one of their constituents to be videotaped in their office. Basically Chris Ebel has proof positive that a cop lied on the stand and the Senator's Office certainly has authority to write letters to help him obtain a copy of various Internal Affairs documents. They were involved when promises were made by the Police Commissioner, who then reneged, now the Senator refuses to take any further action and told Mr. Ebel he has to file an Action 78.  Bleh.....thanks for a lot of nothing guys, he already knew about a Rule 78 but he was trying to avoid more years of litigation when all your office has to do is to show some intestinal and intellectual fortitude and integrity and take a stand.

Be that as it may, I agreed not to publish video of the staff but that wasn't good enough for them, so in contempt of me -- and in contempt of the First Amendment, they even pulled their sign out of the window and I caught it on video and I had already got my stills. Sorry guys, you're dealing with a professional here, perhaps next time you will remember that. And by the way, I will be contacting your counsel to get that statute or policy that you believe allows you the right to refuse to allow media to run video 

a) of a constituent within your office.
b) of your staff interaction with said constituent.

I look forward to the follow up.... I telephoned them today, 20 June at 1:30p.

Talking Heads Road Music

KingCast Explains Why to Use Kelly Ayotte Stories for Fish Paper and Why so Much Injustice Exists in America.

More on this later today with links and including a Dave Ridley video discussing related matters, but basically she is now trying to distance herself from her old pal Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently found liable for multiple Civil Rights violations. I interviewed Sheriff Joe in the video below before Kelly Ayotte and her jackbooted GOP thug friends threw me out of the publicly-advertised event where Nashua PD were no doubt on community time. She legally got away with it because the Federal Court system is there to protect the government, the rich and the powerful. 

I was going to appeal it to SCOTUS but you know what? I realized that I'll probably not have that problem for the rest of my life. I've been a journo off and on since 1987 and the only other politician who was enough of an asshole to treat me like that was another New England jackass, i.e. Masshole D.A. Dan Conley. And just as with Ayotte I got his antics on video with his sidekick Jake Wark so folks can really see what's going on. In the end Nashua PD lawyer Brian Cullen is probably correct that the High Court will continue to protect this sort of activity. The District Court -- (including hand-picked Judge Landya B. McCafferty whom I shamed into recusal and my Case Western Reserve Law School co-alum John J. McConnell -- and the First Circuit Court of Appeals both stepped around the major issues and case law, and sadly that is the way Justice is done in this Country. Whatever end they want to achieve they just go through the means to get there, then they have the nerve to point fingers at people like me. Well you know the old adage about pointing fingers, right. 

I again saw the injustice when another Federal Judge ignored my Rule 11 Sanctions when my mother moved to Intervene in the Title XIX malfeasance lawsuit of Shafer v. Bremby, 12-CV-00039. Our Medicaid paperwork was all set in properly after some initial confusion, but once it was all in the DSS Office ran well over deadlines and committed criminal malfeasance and even admitted it in emails to our family. Then the AG's Office, by and through George Jepsen, completely lied and got away with it and the Court, by and through Judge Alvin W. Thompson and his clerk Jennifer Sykes didn't even address the matter of sanctions even though it has been fully briefed for months on end. Nor did the Court convene a meeting or allow my Mom to Intervene even after I obtained a Connecticut Power of Attorney and the law is oh-so-clear on that.  So the Court just ignored my Rule 60 Motion and the goddamn Defendants know they have the Judge in the goddamn bag so they didn't even respond to it. 

Corruption at its finest.

I will write the ABA and issue a complaint and that will be ignored as well.

Again, corruption at its finest.

When I was a bright-eyed and busy-tailed Assistant State Attorney I really believed that you could get Justice if you made logical arguments and had the facts on your side. I now see how mistaken I really was. These people are doing the Devil's Work, that much is clear. I would tell them all to go to Hell but then again I don't have to tell them because they are already there. The only problem is that they are dragging the rest of us down with them.

KingCast Presents: Gasworks!

16 June 2013

KingCast says "Happy Father's Day Dad!!!"

Cecil King, one of a kind!!! My father no longer hangs out online, he golfs all day. So I'll have to send him tonight's video on a CD.... but I will publicly say that my mother and father are role models and the way they handled moving into an all-white area of Cleveland Heights where we were not wanted has definitively shaped my sister and me in terms of how we view life and how we remain open to embrace the World. There was a lot of hair, a lot of love and a lot of laughter in our family, and I thank god for that every day.

My folks tried to make me content with ponies, but it just didn't work.
I needed 120 ponies at once :)

12 June 2013

KingCast Presents: Shiny Silver Things.... Lunch with my People and a '72 911T.

OK do I know definitively that it is a '72? No. It could be a '73. I do know that we had a great time at lunch however.

Hi Ho Silver!

11 June 2013

KingCast and SJC 1:19 Advocate Janet Aldrich Review Eric Karp and Joseph Berman's Use of Straw Man Nan Sauer to Obtain Impounded Documents.

April 2014 Update:

This dirty motherfucker is no longer with eMusic and switched jobs and is doing so in a way to avoid paying child support/insurance benefits. More to come.

Dow Jones, really?

From Defendant's Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff's 
Emergency Motion to Revoke Authentication

I noted in this journal entry that Ms. Aldrich would be sending me the final day of this trial in video, and she has done so. Here we are in Boston as I was on my way to Seattle for a fortnight. As you may recall, this is the fallout from the dirtbag convict cum eMusic CEO Adam Klein's refusal to follow the terms of the agreement he had set up with Daralyn Khan after he tried every trick in the book to deny parentage and lost. More about married man Adam Klein and his recent legal troubles, including the settled sexual harassment eMusic lawsuit by former employee Aimee McCormack here. Defendant and counsel freely admit to using Attorney Nan Sauer to obtain a document that Plaintiff did not agree to put into evidence from the Impounded file at the Middlesex County Probate Courthouse, i.e. the home of corruption. See generally John Buonomo (i.e. the f_____g thief who still gets his pension hahaha joke's on us) and read this journal entry.

In their Memorandum in Response to Plaintiff Khan's emergency motion, they claim that Nan Sauer obtained the gold seal document "as a professional courtesy" because only attorneys of record could obtain the sealed document. And according to the clerk I spoke with, the rules are even tighter once the case is CLOSED..... and this case was indeed CLOSED. So contrary to the implication in Defendant Karp's Memorandum that "current counsel" could have access, the clerk flat told me that only the actual Parties could obtain the documents, not even their counsel. And that's No Word of a Lie, give me a goddamn polygraph and I'll rock it 24/7.

Well the problem with that "professional courtesy " argument is that Nan Sauer never was attorney of record. But she was a law clerk at the Middlesex Courthouse who apparently wielded her influence to obtain a nasty opinion from Judge Borstein about Ms. Khan. As noted in the movie, the journal entry next to her name read "pro se."  Well surely she knew she was not "pro se" because the firm she works for (Lee Levine) was actually opposing counsel to Defendant Karp, who was at the time in question, representing Ms. Khan. And surely the clerk's office knew that Attorney Sauer was not "pro se" because she was a f____g law clerk there, right. Everyone knows who she is. So why didn't the record reflect who she was? 

Because everyone knew that she was there to obtain documents that Attorney Karp had no legal right to obtain, that's why.

Anyway, the Jury then heard how that Judge felt that Ms. Khan spent too much of her time litigating against the jackass "deadbeat" (according to his own daughter) father, Adam Klein. I believe some of this vitriol may have been redacted on the actual exhibit, which was then put into evidence in spite of the fact that no certified copy could be found.

The fact that these documents were admitted into evidence is not surprising to me because according to Ms. Khan, Judge Christine McEvoy, while not drunk, did demonstrate some unlawful bias in this case because she made certain statements that included: 
"I was married for 17 years and I never saw money like this....."
To which Counsel for Plaintiff said "Your Honor, I am not certain of the terms of your divorce but it has nothing to do with this case." 

I dunno. For all I know, maybe that bottle had something to do with it. This book is going to be a hoot. As a video book it must contain a segment from me schooling an unruly Boston area (Suffolk County) Court Clerk. Sometimes these clerks get out of hand...... such as when they allow former law clerks like Nan Sauer to come in and sign out and certify impounded documents without even putting her name on file. I wonder where they get it from, right. I'm certain the ACLU agrees with me even though they won't publicly say it; my work has graced their pages on more than one occasion. 

09 June 2013

KingCast presents: Heavy Chevy Part III.... the 1966 Chevelle SS396.

No, I am not sure which variant it is. We were all just driving down the street and it appeared behind us, sounding and looking oh-so-beautiful. I prefer this earlier body style, actually. The '65 did not look as cool nor did the '67. The '66 was the shit. 

Heavy Chevy parts one and two; the Corvette and the Impala.

KingCast and Ethnic Online 5 in 5 Movie Updates: Gateway Community College and Yale African-American Cultural Center.

Here is your back story.

07 June 2013

KingCast and Daimler-Benz Present: 1968 280SL.

1968 Mercedes 280SL. The blue-toned pedestrian is the perfect garnish here. Sadly I was a fraction of a second late so I could not fit the entire front end of the vehicle in my frame. This is why I will need to get a MK V full frame camera soon instead of the 1.6 crop on the 60D. Still no complaints on the Zeiss 45mm pancake, the do-it-all walkabout lens supreme.

KingCast sees Judge Alvin Thompson and clerk Jennifer Sykes affected by power, corruption and lies: A Due Process violation against Betty J. King in Connecticut Title XIX case of Shafer v. Bremby 12-CV-00039.

Oh I see the U.S. Department of Justice is back... apparently to spy on me because they sure as hell haven't offered any help while this Court allowed Defendant Bremby to lie his ever-loving ass off; the Court never even issued any rulings on the Rule 11 Motion that was fully briefed months ago. I'll be filing something in that regard at some point. The legal system in this Country is a joke but I'm not laughing. My family and I are crying.

Our hearts were already broken when Mom got Alzheimer's. Then to see how the Court allowed these creeps (i.e. Title XIX Defendant Roderick Bremby and AG George Jepsen) get away with their lies and deceit, just compounds the injury. I believe there is a special place in hell for people like this.

Everyone knows that Defendant Bremby was and is completely derelict when it comes to processing Title XIX/Medicaid applications, but the Powers-that-Be only want selected people to be on the record to complain about it. You see, in the United States Justice system, if they don't want you around, they find any way they can to get rid of you or ignore you. In this instance the record was and is clear in trying to Intervene with my mother, who is convalescing with Alzheimers, that: 

1.  Defendant Bremby lied in his responses to Betty J. King's Motion to Intervene.

2.  The Court, by and through Judge Alvin Thompson and Jennifer Sykes refused to rule on her Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions. They just completely ignored them despite being reminded of them on several occasions.

3.  The Court, by and through Judge Alvin Thompson and Jennifer Sykes granted Defendant's Motion to Deny Intervention based on Ohio law pertaining to Ohio Powers of Attorney. The sole reason for denial was based on the fact that Ms. King had granted an Ohio Power of Attorney to my sister and me. The Court, by and through Judge Alvin Thompson and Jennifer Sykes, at no time analysed Connecticut law.

4.  Prior to Trial, Ms. King revoked her Ohio POA and obtained a Connecticut Power of Attorney that clearly allowed her to Intervene per CT. Gen Stat. §1-42 and Clark v. Visiting Nurse Service, 2001 Conn. Super Lexis 434 (2001) all of which is completely lain out in this 17 May Journal Entry.

5.  As seen at the top of this journal entry, the Court docketed Ms. King's Rule 60 Motion for Relief on 19 May 2013, but everyone completely ignored it and held a trial on 29 May and a Motion Hearing of some kind on 4 June 2013. Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil, but yet evil is and was done, by and through Judge Alvin W. Thompson and Jennifer Sykes.
The U.S. Legal system is often a complete farce, and this is just such an example. The reason this happens is because so few attorneys are willing to speak the truth about matters like this. I am going to contemplate my next actions in this matter to bring Judge Thompson before review. If they have the nerve to do this to a former Assistant State Attorney imagine what happens to people with absolutely no legal training. Or perhaps it is even worse against me because I was an Assistant State Attorney and they need to send a message that they will shut me down at all costs because I dared to go to the dark side and to be critical of our so-called legal system. 

Whatever the reason, the fact is that what just happened here is completely unlawful, and Judge Thompson and his clerk Jennifer Sykes should be ashamed of themselves.

03 June 2013

KingCast asks, "How much is that doggie in the window?"

KingCast Affiliate Reports that Jury Denies Liability in Khan v. Karp Legal Malpractice Case Involving eMusic CEO Felon Adam Klein.

Well folks the Jury declined to find liability after Judge McAvoy allowed in negative commentary from other judges that was in my opinion illegally and unethically-obtained. I have watched the legal system screw this woman over for years and years and years, starting with Judge Dilday who refused to allow evidence that Klein lied about his residency to avoid service, ab initio. She can't get justice while everyone stumbles in their hast to get on their knees before Adam Klein. So nothing new here. Well not everyone gets on their knees. Some folks -- most notably Aimee MacCormac -- successfully sue him for sexual harassment, ahem. Methinks he likes to f__ women over (as well as his business colleagues just ask Boumat, Ltd. vis a vis his felony conviction) and most of the time he gets away with it somehow and comes out like the Teflon Don. My thanks to Janet Aldrich/COMFLM.com for today's video coverage, that I will be hosting soon, as I had another shoot in New Haven.

At least Ms. Khan and I --- and others --- can write a book now, given that she did not settle the case, ahem. All in Due Time.

KingCast Joins Ethnic Online President Leonard Webb on the Road with Gateway College's Dr. Dorsey Kendrick and Yale's Dean Rodney Cohen.

This was my first time meeting Dr. Kendrick, and she is an absolute riot, quick to laugh but always about the business. She's also a woman with an incredible ability to "make it happen," as in successfully championing the cause of alternative and second career students, to give them a home where they can learn with dignity. I told her that the new building resembles something more akin to a law school than a community college.

I have met Yale's Dean Rodney Cohen last year at another Ethnic Online quarterly launch and he too is a fun-loving sort of fellow but obviously all about education as well. Part of what makes Dr. Cohen so amusing is that he already knows what you were going to say about pretty much anything before you say it, particularly when it comes to black history in America and educating our youth. Stay tuned for the interviews here and over at Ethnic Online!

02 June 2013

KingCast Files Complaint on Unruly Providence Cop for "Driving While Motorcycle."

7 September 2015 update:
I see the City has read this complaint a few days ago after I reached out to Projo Reporter Amanda Milkovits:  Ms. Milkovits had just authored the 3 Sept 2015 story about Dana Harris, Jr. being harassed for having a goddamn air freshener obstructing his vision. See top photo.

Anyway now that I know they have read my complaint (see the thumbnail above) I'll be all up in that ass tomorrow, on a taped phone call. And I want some goddamn answers this time. As noted, I have both sued and represented law enforcement in my current investigation into the police shootings, kickings, and civil unrest in Delaware and I can safely say this sort of misconduct is what gets cops killed. It's not cool but it happens. And it needs to fucking STOP.

I see the U.S. Department of Justice is visiting me again. With so much time spent on this site you would think they would have helped me get some Justice for my mother, right.

Anyway this event happened three (3) weeks ago but I figured I would sit on it so I didn't have this guy on the hunt for me before I move out of town. Here is my online submission that will be followed up in print soon:

First of all you must know that I saw the police officer in Car #42 at all times. I knew he was next to me and I knew he was behind me. I am a 48 year-old motorcycle veteran (riding since 1973) and former assistant state attorney. I do not ride recklessly and I always wear my gear.

On the day date and time in question I had just purchased a new rear tire and was getting a feel for it. I curved around a manhole cover, NEVER LEAVING MY LANE OF TRAVEL.

I never exceeded 31 miles per hour.

I never gunned my engine.

I never popped a wheelie.

I do not have a loud exhaust.

What I do have is a very colorful fancy-looking motorcycle.

As I approached Broadway traveling W/B on Sabin, this officer started blaring comments at me through his bullhorn. I could not hear him at first because of all the echoing that was going on, then I heard him bellow:

"I'll put that thing on the trailer! You're going way too fast and you're all over the road! Do you hear me, I'll put that thing on the trailer!"

01 June 2013

KingCast says Boston Lawyers Eric Karp, Joseph Berman and Nan Sauer are Facing Bar Complaint on Impounded Documents in Khan v Karp Adam Klein eMusic Child Support Lawsuit.

April 2014 Update:

This dirty motherfucker is no longer with eMusic and switched jobs and is doing so in a way to avoid paying child support/insurance benefits. More to come.

Today's global email to all parties and counsel:
Khan v. Klein Day Three Preview: Probategate and a Bar Ethics Complaint. 
Yes, indeed it is. Now I know why Defendant Karp would not answer my question in the hallway. 


Why am I not surprised? I have seen big time well-connected lawyers get away with all matter of illegalities in several states as a lawyer and as a journo. Attorneys Karp and Berman had absolutely no legal right to several documents in question, so they used a strawman and prior law clerk of the Middlesex Probate Court from a law firm on a case other than the one at trial to get them, and she apparently listed herself as pro se to do so. 

[Nan Sauer's] sole purpose at the Middlesex Probate Courthouse on 28 May 2013 (trial day) was to act as agent of Defendant Karp, who had no goddamn right to these documents are we clear? At least that much is unambiguous, right Wherefore, I am reporting all of you to the BBO with a copy of today's movie. 

As to whether the Court allows any of this material in is question for the Court and reviewable on appeal (See generally Prescott v. Register of Probate 395 Mass 274 (1985) but I would hate to think that Her Honor would grant imprimatur to these back alley sleazeball tactics. It is axiomatic in criminal proceedings that illegally-obtained "evidence" should not be used. See Commonwealth v. Picardi, 401 Mass 1008 (1988). I am not certain how things should have proceeded in this civil context, perhaps a Motion should have been filed back in the day, per Commonwealth v. O'Brien 27 Mass App. Ct. 184 (1989), I don't know. 

What I do know is that using a straw man to obtain the documents is shady at best. Having observed the Middlesex courthouse yesterday I know everyone there is talking about and watching this case. And they are not the only ones. I'm back to finishing today's movie production, but first a ride on the Triumph to clear the head from all of this sleaze. Everyone needs a break. But to my review of this case over the past six (6) years, Daralyn Khan never got hers. Apparently John Buonomo sets the tone for how things work around here, nice. Just a bunch of criminals in suits and ties, basically. The same as Adam Klein, and that's a fact. 


[Email #2] And I'm not done with you yet: I will look for the sound clip from what I recall as Defendant Karp on redirect from Attorney Berman, discussing Lee, Levine and he says "They are a formidable foe.... and you can trust them when they say they are putting something forward, they have integrity, blah blah blah." 
In point of fact Karp was probably in bed with these creeps all along. They are not his foe. They are trying to protect him and slice up Ms. Khan.... when did it turn like that.... or was it like that all along, I wonder. I'm pretty sure I still have that wonderful video file. I'll guess you have to stay tuned, as I am sure you will. 
[Snip! Much more with days one and two below the fold].