27 May 2013

KingCast Tells Rutgers: Go Back To The Well, And Make Certain It's Not Poisoned This Time.

Julie Hermann?  Really? What a great story by Connor Simpson. Having practiced employment law, and having gone through the wringer myself at the backdating stock option American Tower Corp., I cringe. Steve Dodge and (then) HR Veep Aileen Torrance, two of the biggest massholes I have ever seen.

Anyway Rutgers must fire Hermann right now based on her lack of candor alone. You don't "forget" being a goddamn bridesmaid and catching the bouquet that's some life-changing material right there. I'll never "forget" standing in for my best friend's father at his wedding in England. What a friggin' liar she is.

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Michael Holman said...

These women are on a tare, Palin, Bachmann, Coulter.....don't go down that isle...