11 May 2013

KingCast Says "Happy Mother's Day Mom!"

Thank you for being the Best Momma! 

Even though my sister and I have become the parents.

Even though I've lost my favorite intellectual sparring partner.

Even though you barely remember who I am.

And even though Judge Alvin W. Thompson does not care about you and completely gnored relevant law on the Title XIX/Medicaid lawsuit in Shafer v. Bremby, and even though Connecticut AG George Jepsen is a proved liar and Judge Thompson refuses to rule on our Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions. I've got something for their asses, and I am sure you would like it if only you knew. I will fix their wagons Real Good. See you tomorrow Honey.

-Your Son.

The law couldn't be any clearer, the fact that the POA was initially filed in Ohio does not divest Connecticut Courts of Jurisdiction so I am overnighting the Motion for Reconsideration and for Clarification on the Rule 11 Sanctions that the Court has not ruled on, and an Interlocutory Appeal is coming next. 

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