01 May 2013

eMusic CEO, Deadbeat Dad and Convicted Felon Adam Klein settles Federal Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Aimee MacCormac v. Adam Klein, eMusic et al., 2012-CV-5060.

22 May 2018 Update for U.S. News and World Report (see thumbnail, above):
$500K Judgment as CMJ Music Festival fails.

April 2014 Update:

This dirty motherfucker is no longer with eMusic and switched jobs and is doing so in a way to avoid paying child support/insurance benefits. More to come.

Emusic.com (
Ha, look at eMusic trolling around in here and they clicked on the settlement Agreement Notice of Dismissal, WTF guys it's not as if you haven't seen THAT document before hahahahaaa.... I'm laughing right in your face because Adam Klein is one of the biggest scum buckets the World has ever seen. He is a felon (Google Klein + Boumat Ltd South Africa) and he lied about his residency in Massachusetts to get out of a court case there based on his reneg on child support. And this is not the first time he has used his big money lecherous sexual predator style to try to bag young women. 

Look man I usually will be the last to try to cock block anybody, sex is great. But two caveats: 

1. When you make a baby you fucking pay for that child as you have agreed to do. 
2. When you are married, absent spousal consent, you're supposed to be schtupping your wife, fool.

That is all for today's lesson.
Nice casting couch Adam, LOL.

From Dylan Love's Business Insider story 24 Jan, 2012.

Here was Adam Klein using the exact same Modus Operandi employed on Daralyn Khan some 20+ years ago. This one looks like a quick settlement to me, ahem. 
I wonder if Klein, involved in other litigation, updated his discovery responses to reflect this case as time took on, right.  Anyway, Ms. Khan told me how he would come on to her when she swam laps at the pool where she worked as a massage therapist. A high powered guy, younger attractive woman, lots of promises and no delivery, particularly when it comes to child support, where he reneged on a child support agreement for his first daughter (by Khan) whilst serving on the Board of Directors for the Spence School. 

His own daughter K_____ called him a "Deadbeat Dad."

I visited the Spence School and tried to tell them that they had an International Felon on their hands and the Headmaster ran me off. Watch the movie. I told other journos about him -- well respected journos who shoot at the White House and they told me not to write them anymore. I'll share some names later today. Anyway let's see if Spence or Columbia J-School fire him now.... as most of his companies have done over the course of time, some of them even posting his separation agreements online. Watch the movie where I tried to tell Columbia about him, and Provost Steele ignored me. I can say to a certainty that it appears he also lied to Suffolk County Court about his residence too. All of this is documented on my various journals as I will link later.

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