04 April 2013

KingCast tells DA Dan Conley: "Good luck running for Mayor of Boston... if you make it I will have some questions for you, and I'll be damned if you try to dodge me again while your media flunky Jake Wark laughs."

"I don't have to talk to anybody!"
Conley announces candidacy for Boston Mayor.

Here is the video that makes Dan Conley hate me, the phantom hot bullet casing that allegedly landed on the Gatorade bottle crevice without so much as even searing it. Yah Dan, you want credentials, well as you may recall the Judge in the Dan Talbot murder trial had already given me my stinking badge..... and so too has the SJC, where I am lawfully registered. I can't wait to stick my Canon in your face again, my friend. Even the woman who raised Dan Talbot (RIP) and his own brother were totally chill with me throughout that trial and afterward and that's a fact, Dan. So where do you get off thinking you are the First Amendment police? You're not the boss of me, and in point of fact until I moved from Boston I was the boss of YOU.

And don't you ever forget that. You are a public servant, and you better start acting like one more often because I've got newer and better cameras than I did three years ago. Now I have congratulated you when you did well and I will blast you when you do wrong, deal with it. That is your job, Sir.

Here's the back story for you newbies.


Christopher King said...

As I say, even if this video does not stop DA Conley's ascension to the Mayor's office I am going to share it with his opponents and hundreds, if not thousands of people will see this and see how he really is.

I had already been granted full authority from the Court based on my background in law and media, so Conley's insouciant "are you credentialed" comment was uttered out of pure contempt for me and for the First Amendment and that is inexcusable.

And now I am registered by and through the SJC.

I'll tell it straight to his face, and Jake Wark too:

Take your funky little attitudes and go to hell.


Christopher King, J.D.

Kosta Demos said...

Good for you, Chris. Keep on this guy. He doesn't thrive in the sunshine, if y'know what I mean.