05 April 2013

KingCast sees First Circuit Court of Appeals Dodge All Substantive Issues and Deny Oral Argument to Dismiss First Amendment Free Press Lawsuit of KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, 12-1891.

Patrick Meighan's Nashua Telegraph coverage.
This will be interesting. Again, exactly which elements of my Reply Brief were considered and which were not.... and which of my requests for Judicial Notice were accepted, i.e. the Nashua PD wrongful media arrests..... Do you realize the Court didn't even want to risk typing out my assignments of error.... because that would make the case more searchable.
To be discussed 11 April 9am on One Radio Network
Look how slippery the opinion is,
You wouldn't even know what the hell the case was even about!

By the way, they dropped this little bomb at the close of business on a Friday to keep it as quiet as possible, same old same old. 

As noted in my journal entry and video from last week, they came, they watched my movies about Landya B. McCafferty's forced recusal, and they ran away from the case, denying Oral Argument sua sponte. This is nothing new however because the Court did the exact same thing with Liko Kenney's Appeal. They did not want to have any pesky Oral Arguments to make the record or anything of the sort, nor did the Court's rote Decision delve into any of my cited Case Law or provide any analysis of anything, it was just a rubber stamp. Read it for yourselves, then read the real issues below, including the issue of whether or not having Nashua Police present on public time helps meet the threshold for whether an event is public. It is also interesting to note how vague the Court was when it wrote that it only considered portions of the Corrected Reply Brief that were relevant..... query, which portions were relevant? That will be a Question for my Motion for Clarification, you bet.

I will never forget the thrill and excitement of winning First Amendment Jury trials... something Kelly Ayotte has never done. Similarly, I will never forget getting into, and graduating from a top-50 law school, in this instance Case Western Reserve, same as Judge John J. McConnell, who heard the case after every single NH Judge recused themselves after I busted Judge McCafferty for not recusing herself. I was bright-eyed and busy-tailed and really believed that Courts were here to seriously contemplate thorny issues of Law and to protect the little people. But far too often they are no such thing. These Courts are put here to protect the wealthy, the powerful and the government. At least the Court had the decency not to assess costs against me, because it knows damn well that it should have at least heard Oral Arguments and pretended to care about this serious issue. Similarly, I even had reporters from the so-called alternative press such as the Sunlight Foundation call to interview me and then bail out, who knows if they took a payout or just got crushed by their editors. But then they have the nerve to ask me for money:

So now the Republicans -- and Democrats -- may publicly advertise campaign events for the entire media and general public, hold them at commercial venues and selectively threaten reporters they don't like with arrest, as long as the candidate is not a current incumbent. How's that for progress in the 21st Century!

On to SCOTUS we go.

KingCast Appellate Brief
KingCast Reply Brief


Christopher King said...

What's going on with sunlight foundation coverage?

Christopher King
Jan 7

to Kathryn, bcc: Kevin
Dear Kathryn,

I know you are busy. You know I wrote for major press before law school so you know that I know that no matter what press you're working for..... you are Always Busy.

I get that.

I also know that you at this point have more than enough to issue a major story about this case but I feel something has it bottlenecked. The fact that I asked you about it several times with no response gives me little hope that this story will ever see the light of day in Sunlight publications.

When I come to battle I don't play. Look at what I'm into over in Maryland with the courts constantly checking in on me and a judge who finally had the integrity to nail foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore. And the motherlode on that case is coming soon as I am the only journo who has obtained the December Court ORDER and will place it online along with the peripheral documents. It's heavy. Very heavy.


Kathryn, we spoke at length several times. By now you know me to be a rational, well-educated, well-spoken person who has won First Amendment trials and who has defeated Senator Ayotte on some very important First Amendment and race-related issues. I know that you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel the injustice going on here and you said you would report on it but I have not heard anything from you since you said that.... like I said I know you are busy -- we all lead busy lives -- but I can also guarantee you that no one with my kind of background has laid something so thorough right in your lap. Remember, I was an Assistant AG so it's not as if I don't know WTF is going on here.

Please advise.

mary sullivan said...

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