08 April 2013

KingCast says phone hecklers in Boston operate with impunity, including the jackass who calls from the "O'Connell" residence at 617.723.1918."

Every year or so I get  some knob job heckler calling in, and it is funny because they are brazen enough to call from a landline because they must feel that Boston PD will never do anything.  We will see about that when I again approach BPD about this...... but perhaps they are right, based on DA Dan Conley's attitude, LOL.... I can't wait to interview Dan Conley as he runs for Mayor, as soon as I return to the East Coast you got that right.

Anyway despite this guy's commentary I must mean a lot to him to make him call me at 7:57 a.m. EST, right. Well at least when I go to the police this time I can prove that the Commonwealth knows all about it, click the link below the fold to see that they opened the big thumbnail showing the landline address of this asshole.
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