18 April 2013

KingCast Says "I Told You so!" -- Cody Eller Guilty Verdict is Overturned Because of More NH Police Malfeasance.

KingCast exclusive: Footage from the Jury View 

Here is the Nancy West coverage in the Union Leader.
Concord Attorney James Moir, who defended Carl Laurie in the murder of Lucien Fogg, said Colburn's ruling is very rare. "This is the first time I have ever heard of a failure to provide Laurie information resulting in a Superior Court judge setting aside a conviction and Laurie has been in effect for about 18 years," Moir said. "I can only hope a decision such as this will underscore to prosecutors their responsibility to provide such important evidence to each defendant," Moir said.

Once again, as the history proves, NH Law Enforcement is at once corrupt and incompetent. This time it has cost them a victory against Cody Eller, the young man who was convicted several months ago of Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for running his car into motorcyclist William Hawksley.

I have a busy day but will be telephoning the prosecutor's office and will post the Order soon, along with a short video by tomorrow. Here are some relevant journal entries:

One.      April 2013 hearing on Motion to Set Aside/New Trial.
Two.     Cody Eller found guilty.
Three.   Trial with Jury view of crime scene.
Four.     KingCast Motion to Unseal Eugene Stahl Laurie List info.
Five.      KingCast Reply Memo to Unseal.

Note:     Motions to unseal were denied but the matter will be visited upon the Supreme Court because the public clearly has a right to know what was so bad in Eugene Stah's background that it resulted in a Verdict being set aside.


Christopher King said...

KingCast correct about NH LE as Cody Eller verdict set aside!!!

Christopher King
11:53 AM (0 minutes ago)

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Congrats guys another botched case on taxpayer time. Video forthcoming.



Michael Holman said...

New England is as inept as they come.....