09 April 2013

KingCast says "Goodnight, Chelone."

I am sad to report that tragedy has struck the Miller/Kenney family again.  I never knew Liko Kenney, but I did know Chelone Miller, and my observations of him three years ago remain the same in his passing. I wrote:

Speaking of rockets, I spoke with Davey last night and he says Chelone is on top of the snow boarding World, and I am happy for him, he's a great kid, animated and just a barrel of laughs..."

Check him out at Arbor's website. And here's Liko on YouTube talking about him in this 5/11/2009 post: "Cha-lone-eeeee...."

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Christopher King said...

Chelone, a couple of his friends and I stood out there in Davey and Michele's driveway one night and talked about the seizures, among a million other things.... it was just part of his life.... everyone knew it could happen in theory...... and unfortunately it is what led him to another World well too early.