25 April 2013

Apple Care Fail: KingCast Says Apple Attorney may Fight Video Court Coverage of $60K Apple Care Lawsuit in Boston!

Apple Attorney is following assiduously 10 minutes after I left his office. 
He declined to speak with me.
Whatever the case Counselor, I have addressed your concerns with changes to this journal in this 
new entry, after you lost the fight to keep my cameras out of court and changed your client's position (read: reneged) such that the two most material witnesses will alternately not be available for Plaintiff's Case in Chief or have to be subpoenaed at the Apple Store. 
Classy conduct, that.

The corrections are relative to the theory of the case that you were oh-so concerned about during Court today, i.e. it is not an "Apple Care" lawsuit, it's just that the same technicians involved in Apple Care work were involved here in this Breach of Contract/Rule 93A proceeding. Or am I wrong about that too? I doubt it. 

Oh my.... it appears by the thumbnail that this is not the first time that someone lost all of their work, i.e. The Genius bar at Apple should be called the "did you want all the stuff on your hard drive erased bar.""

Sounds like a Discovery issue to me, right. Here are some of my issues with Apple over the years and how they progressed... I have had to threaten litigation to resolve some of these issues.


Now comes Christopher King, J.D., KingCast.net and Mortgage Movies Journal, pursuant to SJC 1:19 and general principles of Free Press and the First Amendment to notify the Court and Counsel that he will be covering any and all Courtroom exchanges relative to the above-captioned matter. May it please the Court:

I am a former Assistant Attorney General who has also managed a title insurance company as a title insurance producer. Prior to those activities I was an editor and reporter for mid-sized and large daily press, including the Indianapolis Star. More recently WBZ, the Revere Journal and others have published my still images and videos. I come to you as a former trial attorney who has won First Amendment trials in the 1990s --- several of which were in fact videotaped as seen in today’s short film:

…..to notify the Court that I am fully aware of protocol in these Courts and have never had any problems in dozens of trials, including but not limited to full coverage of the Dan Talbot Murder Trial, the Joanna Marinova/Boston Herald/WHDH lawsuit, the record $1.7M Scott Hyman Racial/Anti-Semitic trial and dozens of others here and across the Country. I would find it odd and particularly disingenuous if a company like Apple, that parades as purveyor of independent film making, would object to coverage. Here are a few images from this very court:

At no point in time have I caused an interruption to proceedings, videotaped a juror, or been subject to reprimand and I have no intention of deviating from this pattern of professionalism in this trial. All footage shall be made available for media pooling orders or requests in this regard.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/Christopher King, J.D.
Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit

As noted above, Andy Levin is like Depeche Mode: He just can't get enough of my journal, but there's a shade of Rolling Stones in there as well because he can't always get what he wants. Either way, he keeps on reading:

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