15 April 2013

KingCast laments an apparent bombing near the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line.

Boston Marathon Live Stream
Oh dear god my girlfriend's friend knew Krystle.... and her boyfriend was there to propose to her... they met at Lasell a few years ago..... my sympathy to everyone involved. 

  Just this morning I was thinking, it was such a shame that I am on the West Coast and not able to attend this year as I did last year when Kenya won. Jeez I was standing RIGHT THERE...... it really shakes me up to think of it. Here is some information on the unfolding tragedy, and the CBS News live feed.

I am completely disgusted. Without making any declarative assessments obviously, I will never forget the dark days of 1972 when, as a 7 year-old child I watched the tragedy in Munich. That moment definitely changed my life and this one will too. I sincerely hope this one was not an inside job, but it doesn't have that feel to me for some reason. Stay tuned.

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