09 April 2013

KingCast fights back against YouTube's arbitrary and capricious privacy policy that should not be applied to protect Revere, MA slumlord Gerry Leggiero.

OK so here's an update to the latest bullshit from YouTube: Just because someone appears in a YouTube video who doesn't want to be in it, they can make YouTube strike your video.... which is complete and utter bullshit, particularly when you are covering a  public court event, right. So what I did was, I went into the video and made some gross edits that addressed their purported concerns, and put it right back up there. 

Keep in mind that even though I am a YouTube partner there have been times when I could not post videos from my primary KingCast65 or Christopher King account, for no reason whatsoever.... in addition to the Supertramp fiasco (see more at Pink Floyd Network) in which I was twice cleared by the record company but still got my videos yanked from YouTube. The only reason I changed the video is that I just don't have time to litigate this shit but they are completely in violation of the Hudgens/Pruneyard analysis and I may one day come back and sue them, but right now I am too busy for their little games.

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