26 April 2013

KingCast and Triumph Motorcycles USA present: Hot pursuit.

Well not really, but a couple of fun photos nonetheless. Two Triumphs, two lawyers named Chris, two brothers rappin' on a spring Friday evening in Boston. Before I knew the other Chris, I had shot his bike in silhouette as shown up top, although I cannot find the actual still just yet so I boosted the screen capture from a video. He asked me where to take the bike for service around here and I have to say for Boston proper he can always drop my name at GBM and talk to yet another Chris, the chief mechanic. So then, in no particular order but with videos of each shop:

Second Wind BMW/Triumph
Performance Cycles (second crankshaft failure)
Greater Boston Motorsports (first crankshaft failure)

And on a related note, I need to again find my biker friend Rabbit, who rode cross country on a Suzuki SV650. He appears about 1:00 into this video and has fantastic pictures on his American Skidmarks website.

On a related note, WTF is "301+ views....." relative to my Larz Anderson European Bike Day video... is YouTube for some reason simply incapable of telling us how many views the video has? I have never seen such a thing before.


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