02 April 2013

KingCast and Friends Present: Portlandia!

Much more on this later.


Horn Dog said...

Glad to see your up to your antics. Be apprised that an arch foe of yours, DA Dan Conley is running for mayor of Boston. Mobilize accordingly, see if he tries to keep you and yourcamera out of his event.

Christopher King said...

Oh goody!

Glad to know you are still along for the ride.... it promises to be a fun season with DA Dan, Marinova v. Herald, the Kelly Ayotte appeal with the Courts reading my website and all kinds of mayhem.

Interestingly, one of Jessica Van Sack's former colleagues wrote me this morning so she could get caught up on the case. She used to be with the Patriot Ledger but refused to go to the Herald.


Christopher King said...


And of course if DA Dan wants my stinking credentials, he can have them.... as I am of course registered with the SJC......