29 April 2013

KingCast Cameras in Court: Apple Attorney Andrew Levin & Sugarman, Rogers Lose First Amendment Prior Restraint Battle in STM Publications v. Apple Computer Breach of Contract/93A Lawsuit.

Veni Vidi Oops! He came, he saw, he got slammed.

Much more on this later, I need to run home to grab my spare bike key as I misplaced mine in the verbal fracas that ensued before Judge Giles today. Now don't forget, I've already run video before Judge Giles as I reminded her, and you can see her in action in the first video I already made about this case, above.

Note: Seldom does the American or World Public see large multinational corporations in actual courtroom litigation. But with KingCast cameras change all of that.

Andrew Levin is not happy; you can see it in his eyes when he glanced at my camera today as if it were the mechanical embodiment of Medusa. And you better believe he is reading my journal page like a hawk (or more accurately as a hawk, whatever). Scroll down for the journal page lands from his server and note that the first journal post contains corrections to the theories of the case now that I have had a chance to hear courtroom presentations. I wasn't happy about his arguments, which were completely baseless. What a waste of my time and of Judicial resources, for shame, for shame. 

Basically the case is bifurcated with breach of contract claim being heard to the Jury and the and the bench to rule on the Rule 93 issues that arose after Mr. McCrea took his computer to Apple Genius Bar and substantial data was lost. Attorney Levin corrected me today on the fact that it is not technically an Apple Care issue. Of course he could have done that with a phone call or email and I would have duly noted same right here. That's how professionals operate. Here's some Back story.

And speaking of back story, it might surprise Attorney Levin to know that I am the man who helped Joanna Marinova obtain counsel in Marinova v. Boston Herald Defamation case, which is again part of the movie on the top of this journal entry and that particular hearing was of course held by Judge Giles. It is a small World indeed. You see, Attorney Levin was trying to convince the Court that bloggers are all opinion and have an agenda, when in point of fact it was the Herald who tried to run their agenda against Ms. Marinova and Darrell Jones and got caught up in a serious case headed for trial in early 2014. I know all about responsible journalism and I practice it, unlike my purported peers at the Herald such as Jessica Van Sack, who also appears briefly in the top video.

Apple Witnesses Scurry
More on this later, but from what I could gather Apple withdrew a witness that they were going to make available for STM's Case-in-Chief. The witness lives beyond this jurisdiction so cannot be subpoenaed. So Apple reneged on bringing him and you can see all of that discussion on video.

But wait, there's more. 
The other witness, this one I believe is the eyeball witness who dealt with Mr. McCrea, decided to take a vacation just at time for trial, allegedly because of the shock from the Boston Marathon bombing. Look, as noted in this video and journal entry, I run a bit -- 10K events and shorter (I ran it in 44 minutes which is okay for a 48 year old guy I guess) --- and I was standing right there at the finish line a year ago and would have been right smack there this year as well but for the fact I was hanging out with my Lady 3,200 miles away. So I comprehend shock, but I can smell bullshit 26.2 miles away.

Both of these witnesses took powders only after Mr. McCrea and I brought video to the game. Query, what on Earth are they hiding about? If it's All Good it's All Good, just get up on the stand and say what you have to say, and let the chips fall where they may. 

The First Amendment/Free Press Issue

There was little question that more than held my ground in today's skirmish; I basically reiterated everything I provided in my Notice of Media Coverage and reminded Attorney Levin and the Court that I've been involved in media and law as an attorney or journalist for the past 20 years. The Court has plenty to say as well, but unfortunately I didn't get any of that because the issue was contested and not resolved so I couldn't video that, suffice it to say that perhaps the most ridiculous thing I heard from Attorney Levin was: "This is not a case of public interest." Well I'm sorry Counselor but at the end of my courtside update conducted on the stairs, you may notice a well-dressed court official, a young man who runs a certain program that is extremely important and dear to my heart given my legal background, and this man was extremely interested and will be following along.  

Be that as it may, Counselor Levin also took issue with my statement that STM's lost files were recovered at considerable cost, even though that statement is absolutely true. The Court held:
"I can't imagine it could not be a case of public interest.... Quite frankly Apple is a huge corporation.... Every time it puts out an application or computer it is written up by every news source and conversely......[when something goes wrong.....]" 
"It is impermissible for this Court to determine what is or is not a matter of public interest... and I cannot put a Prior Restraint on his trade, it is unconstitutional.... and reversible."

The second most ridiculous thing Attorney Levin said was, 

"This is all a big game to Mr. McCrea," said Levin, as he requested that I not be permitted to share the courtroom video with Mr. McCrea. McCrea was denied the opportunity to video his own trial to this point because he is not registered with the SJC. Attorney Levin argued that the SJC did not intend to allow journalists to capture video that might later become the basis for an independent film."

I said:
"Your Honor I object to this notion of news as some sort of ephemeral matter......That's ridiculous, I said... people have been making film out of news coverage for years, this is no different than Zapruder.... I am no different than Zapruder."

And not only that, his objection to me making my video available to the media pool is as ill-informed as it is ludicrous. I could have really chopped this guy to shreds today but I was almost congenial, you know like shooting fish in a barrel so to speak. Heck, for that matter I didn't even bother telling him that journos have an ethical duty to make their footage available in the First Place as I did with WBZ as I will show you in a thumbnail as soon as I can locate it. Here it is at the "Neighbors" journal entry.
I found it odd that Attorney Levin's conception of First Amendment Law was so thoroughly lacking as to allow him to even posit these arguments, but whatever. Apparently with money and power come certain privileges of largesse for some people I suppose. Read the comment for more on this.

Anyway, hopefully nobody gets shot at trial, except by my little Canons that is.
"That would be like telling Kevin Cullen 'You can't write about Mayor Menino anymore," or Amalia Baredda "You can only show [your work] to certain people."

"Your Honor I'm friends with Amalia Baredda and I'm sure she would agree. Reporter Baredda and I met at the landmark $1.7M Scott Hyman case that I covered, watch her and I engage in a short discussion about restrictive covenants in the movie  -- 3 years later and the case is still stuck on stupid, by the way. Governor Patrick should have taken a ceremonial (and legal) stand on the illegality of such covenants but don't get me started on him after he pretty much ignored the rampant scandal that underlies the Marinova v. Herald case. I'll have some links later for you newbies, and that might include every lawyer in the room today except me.

Interestingly, the Court seemed to place me more as a columnist than a pure journalist, and while I am not necessarily taking issue with that I will politely note that when I am finished covering a story no one can ever say with a straight face that I didn't discuss or demonstrate all chief arguments from all parties. That is because I am a columnist operating as a pure journalist. Meanwhile major press is running an editorial game on you disguised as pure journalism. You know it's true. Sad, but true.

Lastly, don't forget that the original pamphleteers provided the impetus for much of the First Amendment was Speech and Press protections ab initio, and they were opinionated as all hell.  So let's keep it real out here, folks. See you at trial. Attorney Levin can't get enough of me already: New Horizon Communications Group ( [Label IP Address]    5 returning visits

26 April 2013

KingCast and Triumph Motorcycles USA present: Hot pursuit.

Well not really, but a couple of fun photos nonetheless. Two Triumphs, two lawyers named Chris, two brothers rappin' on a spring Friday evening in Boston. Before I knew the other Chris, I had shot his bike in silhouette as shown up top, although I cannot find the actual still just yet so I boosted the screen capture from a video. He asked me where to take the bike for service around here and I have to say for Boston proper he can always drop my name at GBM and talk to yet another Chris, the chief mechanic. So then, in no particular order but with videos of each shop:

Second Wind BMW/Triumph
Performance Cycles (second crankshaft failure)
Greater Boston Motorsports (first crankshaft failure)

And on a related note, I need to again find my biker friend Rabbit, who rode cross country on a Suzuki SV650. He appears about 1:00 into this video and has fantastic pictures on his American Skidmarks website.

On a related note, WTF is "301+ views....." relative to my Larz Anderson European Bike Day video... is YouTube for some reason simply incapable of telling us how many views the video has? I have never seen such a thing before.

25 April 2013

Apple Care Fail: KingCast Says Apple Attorney may Fight Video Court Coverage of $60K Apple Care Lawsuit in Boston!

Apple Attorney is following assiduously 10 minutes after I left his office. 
He declined to speak with me.
Whatever the case Counselor, I have addressed your concerns with changes to this journal in this 
new entry, after you lost the fight to keep my cameras out of court and changed your client's position (read: reneged) such that the two most material witnesses will alternately not be available for Plaintiff's Case in Chief or have to be subpoenaed at the Apple Store. 
Classy conduct, that.

The corrections are relative to the theory of the case that you were oh-so concerned about during Court today, i.e. it is not an "Apple Care" lawsuit, it's just that the same technicians involved in Apple Care work were involved here in this Breach of Contract/Rule 93A proceeding. Or am I wrong about that too? I doubt it. 

Oh my.... it appears by the thumbnail that this is not the first time that someone lost all of their work, i.e. The Genius bar at Apple should be called the "did you want all the stuff on your hard drive erased bar.""

Sounds like a Discovery issue to me, right. Here are some of my issues with Apple over the years and how they progressed... I have had to threaten litigation to resolve some of these issues.

24 April 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Ongoing Notice of Media Coverage of Foreclosure Mill Attorney Thomas P. Dore Escaping from Emergency Rule 14-207.1 Scrutiny Against Judge Alan Wilner's Mandate.

There is a hearing coming up as early as 30 April, 2013 in a crazy case in which Thomas P. Dore was dismissed even though the Case was on appeal and there was no jurisdiction. Dore has, on prior occasion, admitted Under Oath that he had no firsthand knowledge of anything material necessary to foreclose in the case. Moreover, as you will see, there is empirical evidence that Maryland Courts are not giving homeowners the respect and protection to which they are entitled per Emergency Rule 14-207.1. The rule requires that full and fair hearings are supposed to be conducted when there are issues raised regarding Holder in Due Course, Real Party in Interest and Standing to Foreclosure. However, in reality, whenever Thomas P. Dore is involved, the rules are suspended, even though he is the one that should be suspended from practice because he was TWICE reprimanded for issuing false, fraudulent and/or forged signatures in foreclosure cases. As such, Circuit Judge King's December, 2012 ruling admonishing Thomas P. Dore (Mortgage Movies short film) was incomplete. Watch for new short films and courtoom video in the coming weeks, I know from prior experience (watch the movie below) that the Maryland Courts will be following every step of the way, and Daily Record writer Steve Lash had best take note.  Here's a Daily Record story on Rule 14-207.1. Writes Lash:
The new rule, which takes effect immediately, allows circuit courts to appoint independent lawyers to review foreclosure documents for problems. If a problem with the lender’s paperwork is detected, it has 30 days to show — at its own expense — why the foreclosure should not be dismissed. Judges may also summon lawyers and notaries public into court when the authenticity of a signature or the veracity of an attestation to the accuracy of a document’s contents is in question. 
While the changes may seem far-reaching, retired Judge Alan M. Wilner, head of the committee that drafted the new rule and presented it to the Court of Appeals, said the rule simply consolidates existing powers. Judges have “the inherent authority” to require attorneys to answer questions regarding their affidavits and to “show cause” why a case, including a foreclosure action, should not be dismissed, he told the court. 
I will be discussing this case again on OneRadioNetwork where I a guest speaker yesterday, and Judge Wilner -- MD Bar Judge of the Year and author of the report I excerpted above in the second thumbnail-- will no doubt be interested!

23 April 2013

KingCast says the coward blowhard journos at Reuters have banned me from commenting on the Boston Marathon Bombing and the suspect's wife.

My comment to this story read:
"During all of this time, with the parents and uncle, etc speaking out, why didn't we see any video or accounts of anyone from the government or media trying to contact her?  
The whole thing is surreal to me because I run a bit and I was right there at the finish line last year running video and would have been right there again this year."
The only correspondence I have had with Reuters was to notify them of the Kelly Ayotte coverup in the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay/Greg Floyd coverup. I just finished talking about First Amendment punks like them on the OneRadio Network show with Patrick Timpone (podcast link and journal link). And I have edited the Ohio Call & Post and wrote for the Indianapolis Star no less.  And unlike the Reuters writer, I live in Providence, RI so I will go to that lawyer's office and run 1080p video of me asking a few questions, not that he will likely answer nor is he obligated to. But at least I will do it. The funny thing is, not only am I blacklisted in most of corporate America, I am blacklisted in the so called First Amendment cadre as well, LOL.  Liberal media my ass.... I am going to made a short movie about this one.

22 April 2013

KingCast on Air Twice Tomorrow: Cody Eller/Eugene Stahl Laurie List Verdict Overturned + Foreclosure Fraud and Kelly Ayotte Free Press SCOTUS Appeal

OMG this just in: Reuters News Service banned me from commenting on the bomber's wife!

My comment to this story read:
"During all of this time, with the parents and uncle, etc speaking out, why didn't we see any video or accounts of anyone from the government or media trying to contact her?  
The whole thing is surreal to me because I run a bit and I was right there at the finish line last year running video and would have been right there again this year."
The only correspondence I have had with Reuters was to notify them of the Kelly Ayotte coverup in the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay/Greg Floyd coverup. I just finished talking about First Amendment punks like them on the OneRadio Network show with Patrick Timpone (podcast link and journal link). And I have edited the Ohio Call & Post and wrote for the Indianapolis Star no less.  And unlike the Reuters writer, I live in Providence, RI so I will go to that lawyer's office and run 1080p video of me asking a few questions, not that he will likely answer nor is he obligated to. But at least I will do it. The funny thing is, not only am I blacklisted in most of corporate America, I am blacklisted in the so called First Amendment cadre as well, LOL.  Liberal media my ass.... I am going to made a short movie about this one.


I told you the other day that the Verdict in Cody Eller's case was set aside, that time for discussion is 3pm PST or I guess 6pm EST from Atlanta's Garage71 Rumblings show.

I told you the other day that U.S. Senator Robert Menendez is a backslapping blowhard on fraudulent foreclosures.

I told you the other day that I would be on One Radio Network discussing mortgage foreclosure fraud and Kelly Ayotte's contempt for the First Amendment; hat time is now tomorrow 7am PST or I guess 10am EST.

19 April 2013

KingCast Alerts NH Police and Public to the Greg Floyd, Jr. Assuming False Identity and Believed Dangerous.

First of all, his father is a freak and in my opinion a murderer, and Senator Kelly Ayotte covered all of that up. Read the real dossier on him; he claimed to have fought in Vietnam but never left Camp Lejeune except to be AWOL. He is also a multiple felon but Kelly Ayotte, then AG of NH, covered all of it up until I came along and filed public information requests to the Department of Safety and got the documents she never published. As a former Assistant AG I know she's a complete farce. The government and the Courts know I'm right too but they help her cover it all up but the facts are the facts.

Here is some back story on Greg Floyd, Jr., who now goes by Greg McIver. Here is his twitter.

Basically, he has invented an identity for himself that is completely false. He claims to have dated the brother of actress Karen David, although no such brother ever existed. Read on from today's email to me.

"Mr. King, thank you very much for reading this. I've watched your video and it is excellent work. I sent this text also to Casey Sherman who wrote a book entitled "Bad Blood, Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." Recently I came to know someone who called himself Greg McIver, whose real name is Greg Floyd, Jr., son of the man who was involved in the [Franconia] shootings. 

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Not long ago, a person by the name of Greg McIver came into the lives of my wife and I. He began dating a friend of ours and we accepted him at our home. Over time, I began to suspect that the stories told by Greg about his life history were false. He claimed to know an actress by the name of Karen David, and claimed to have been engaged to a brother of hers named Justin. He claimed to have a music background and to have recorded with them. 

To make an extremely long story short, an extensive internet investigation revealed that his entire backstory was a lie, and that Justin David, supposedly someone who passed away in a car accident in 2010, never existed. Furthermore, Karen David's representatives got back to me and informed me that the Facebook pages related to her, her "wife", and Justin that we knew them were not connected to her in any way and that they would be removed. This was followed immediately by a post on her Twitter feed alerting her fans of people impersonating her. 

I admit this is a lot to read, but I believe Greg Floyd Jr., aka Greg McIver is a potentially dangerous person. He is currently residing in Manchester with his father, who luckily I have not met. In your research, did you uncover anything about him? Thank you very much for your assistance as I'm having extreme difficulty finding anything on the internet related to Greg Floyd Jr., even through typically solid sources like US Search." 

He is a thief that's for certain. 

What is your number and do I have permission to post this without your name ASAP?
You can post it of course. I will copy/paste you my messages from Karen David's official Facebook page 
I think Greg underestimated me.

18 April 2013

KingCast Promises that no Asians Were Harmed in the Capture of this Image.

KingCast Says "I Told You so!" -- Cody Eller Guilty Verdict is Overturned Because of More NH Police Malfeasance.

KingCast exclusive: Footage from the Jury View 

Here is the Nancy West coverage in the Union Leader.
Concord Attorney James Moir, who defended Carl Laurie in the murder of Lucien Fogg, said Colburn's ruling is very rare. "This is the first time I have ever heard of a failure to provide Laurie information resulting in a Superior Court judge setting aside a conviction and Laurie has been in effect for about 18 years," Moir said. "I can only hope a decision such as this will underscore to prosecutors their responsibility to provide such important evidence to each defendant," Moir said.

Once again, as the history proves, NH Law Enforcement is at once corrupt and incompetent. This time it has cost them a victory against Cody Eller, the young man who was convicted several months ago of Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for running his car into motorcyclist William Hawksley.

I have a busy day but will be telephoning the prosecutor's office and will post the Order soon, along with a short video by tomorrow. Here are some relevant journal entries:

One.      April 2013 hearing on Motion to Set Aside/New Trial.
Two.     Cody Eller found guilty.
Three.   Trial with Jury view of crime scene.
Four.     KingCast Motion to Unseal Eugene Stahl Laurie List info.
Five.      KingCast Reply Memo to Unseal.

Note:     Motions to unseal were denied but the matter will be visited upon the Supreme Court because the public clearly has a right to know what was so bad in Eugene Stah's background that it resulted in a Verdict being set aside.

Deadly Clear, KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Northwest Trustee Services is Sanctioned and Twice Loses FDCPA Summary Judgment Arguments.

So much for "Proudly servicing the needs of mortgage lenders in the West."

Deadly Clear reports on Beaton v. J.P. Morgan and NWTS here

“To the extent that Chase acquired Beaton’s loan in 2008 before she defaulted, it falls within the section 1692a(6)(F) exemption of “debt collector.” NWTS was appointed as successor trustee on November 29, 2010. However, Beaton had been in default since approximately July 1, 2010. Accordingly, NWTS does not fall within the same exemption. Beaton alleges that the identity of the “Note Bearer/Creditor remains unknown[,]” that it remains undetermined if Chase is the actual beneficiary pursuant to RCW 61.24.005(2), and that NWTS violated FDCPA and damaged the Plaintiff by foreclosing her property.

Liberally construed, the court finds that Beaton has plausibly alleged that NWTS attempted to collect on a debt that may not have been owed to Chase, which may have violated the FDCPA. See McDonald II, 2013 WL 858178 at *12 (“At the time [NWTS began the foreclosure process], NWTS had not been appointed successor trustee and was not acting on behalf of the entity that had actual physical possession of the note: it therefore lacked the right to effect dispossession of plaintiff’s property. Plaintiff has established that NWTS violated § 1692f(6)(A) of the FDCPA.”); Michelson v. Chase Home Finance, LLC, Case No. C11-1445MJP, 2012 WL 3240241, *5 (W.D. Wash. Aug. 7, 2012) (“NWTS and RCO may have violated the FDCPA because they did not yet have confirmation of Chase’s right to possess the property, and thus may have violated § 1692f(6)(A)”).

I added McDonald v. Onewest Bank et al. 2013 Lexis 31730 (W.D. Washington March 7, 2013), which I will upload to SCRIBD:

CONCLUSION For all of the foregoing reasons, defendants' motion for summary judgment (Dkt. # 172) and plaintiff's cross motion (Dkt. # 176) are GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. Defendants are hereby enjoined from proceeding with any foreclosure procedure based on the January 12, 2010, notice of [*48] default.

17 April 2013

KingCast Sees Seattle Man Fall on his Ass in Freak April Hail Storm.

A freak hail storm in Seattle rocked the city for 12 frenetic minutes last week. KingCast iPhone cameras were at the ready in Ballard.

KingCast applauds Dinwiddie County, VA for "Master Trooper Junius Alvin Walker Memorial Highway."

When I lived near the area as a zoning coordinator I did a lot of work with law enforcement in placement of wireless towers and equipment. My condolences for the fallen officer, vis a vis the situation in Franconia, NH where the citizens and I twice successfully fought Bruce McKay Highway. Watch how we did it, against NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and all of her corrupt pals in NH law enforcement.

15 April 2013

KingCast laments an apparent bombing near the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line.

Boston Marathon Live Stream
Oh dear god my girlfriend's friend knew Krystle.... and her boyfriend was there to propose to her... they met at Lasell a few years ago..... my sympathy to everyone involved. 

  Just this morning I was thinking, it was such a shame that I am on the West Coast and not able to attend this year as I did last year when Kenya won. Jeez I was standing RIGHT THERE...... it really shakes me up to think of it. Here is some information on the unfolding tragedy, and the CBS News live feed.

I am completely disgusted. Without making any declarative assessments obviously, I will never forget the dark days of 1972 when, as a 7 year-old child I watched the tragedy in Munich. That moment definitely changed my life and this one will too. I sincerely hope this one was not an inside job, but it doesn't have that feel to me for some reason. Stay tuned.

KingCast and Goddaughter Present: Hong Kong Phooey!

Life is grand :)

14 April 2013

KingCast says "Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes!!!"

To all of my friends, family and supporters: My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of you today, tomorrow and every day. More pics and vids to follow, Peace, Love, Aloha.

12 April 2013

KingCast Lifestyle Presents: Lauren.... in preparation for Tan Tran's F.D.T.C. fundraiser for Outreach Seattle at Retrofit Homes.

Lauren at Retrofit Home. Much more to follow, in the ramp up for the Big Show on the 18th. Apparently I am going to finish a trailer video by tomorrow.

For more information contact Victor Loo, who writes:

Thank you Christopher for your amazing work!!! The show at 7 p.m. on APR 18 featuring F.D.T.C (From Door to Cubicle) by Tan Tran at Retrofit Home to fundraise for Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) is going to be beautiful and fun!!! Bring friends to support fashion with a great cause!!!

11 April 2013

New Constituent Letters and Repeated FOIA Requests Pin Senator Robert Menendez as Phony for Protecting BoA and Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg.

With all the hubub over the Good Dr. Salomon Melgen I figured we could take time to study the Good Senator on other matters.

As noted in the video, Senator Menendez talks a mean talk but he has not proved to many of us that he walks the mean walk. Observe the dichotomy between his get tough stance on the Senate Floor and his benevolent despotism when called to answer to media or homeowners who have been victimized by the very banks and lawyers he portends to go after. And when I say victimized, I mean having Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg call the police on an innocent homeowner, at which point the Good Senator's junior assistant tell us that the Senator will welcome our report. Read the back story here and here.
We gave him a report, and his senior aide Betsy Gilligan basically told us to go to hell, despite receiving correspondence from a NJ homeowners' group in our favor. Given what my camera looked like at the end of that hallway we damn well could have been shot, and apparently that would have been preferable to the cops befriending us and making it out alive as the lead officer called Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg and said "We have two gentlemen out here and we don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door."
Watch the movie and wait for the links to the new (reiterated) FOIA request and the letter from two U.S. War Veterans who wrote Senator Menendez to no avail. He did, however send them a request for campaign contributions, ahem. 

KingCast says Judge Alvin W. Thompson ignored In re Bachand, 306 Conn. 37 (2012) in denying Betty J. King Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby 2012-CV-00039 Title XIX Medicaid Lawsuit.

The law couldn't be any clearer, the fact that the POA was initially filed in Ohio does not divest Connecticut Courts of Jurisdiction so I am overnighting the Motion for Reconsideration and for Clarification on the Rule 11 Sanctions that the Court has not ruled on, and an Interlocutory Appeal is coming next. From the Motion:

          Bachand is proverbially hot off the presses, and as a matter of law this Honorable Court must follow the law of Connecticut and cannot afford any less protection in the Federal scheme than the State affords under the State scheme. And the case is 100% directly on point, involving a Power of Attorney from a different state, and a mother with Alzheimers so an Interlocutory Appeal will follow if this Court does not sua sponte issue a reversal by Monday, 15 April 2013.

[**173]  The plaintiff argues, however, that, because Mary was moved to West Hartford for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment for her Alzheimer's condition, her physical presence there was akin to temporary hospitalization, which trial courts have found insufficient to establish residence. See, e.g., Trambarulo v. Whitaker, Superior Court, judicial district of New Haven, Docket No. CV-06-4020211-S, 2007 Conn. Super. LEXIS 2575 (September 28, 2007); Robinson v. Probate Appeal, Superior Court, judicial district of Hartford, Docket No. CV-03-0827331-S, 2005 Conn. Super. LEXIS 2504 (August 22, 2005) [***19] . We disagree. It is undisputed that the facility at which Mary was placed provides long-term care for patients with an incurable condition who require care for the remainder of their lives, rather than acute, transitory care, which patients may seek for temporary, curable conditions, with the intention of returning to their homes once cured.

10 April 2013

KingCast says, "I don't know what the hell you're looking at me for, I didn't do it!"

KingCast says "Good Luck at Your First Amendment Criminal Trial for Videotaping Nashua PD Mike Gannon!"

Here's the welcome home ride when Mr. Gannon defeated not only cancer, but probably malpractice at the hands of the VA Hospital. More links and info. coming... for now read Pat Meighan's excellent update at the close of trial... and the Jury is out.

Incredibly, a Jury convicted Mike Gannon of some or all of the charges.... so Nashua PD goes to 1 out of 3: Pam Reynolds, pictured.... Not Guilty (during the same incident).... Dave Ridley.... Not Guilty at a different incident in which Nashua PD arrested him for running video.

KingCast recommends Yerba Mate, again.....

Because my trainer is about to kill me. If no one hears from me this evening contact Gold's Gym at 555...

One Radio Network discussion on KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD First Circuit 12-1891

9:00 a.m. Central 11 April 2013. 

UPDATE: A bit of bad luck, co-producer Sharon Kinder-Geiger informs that our host has taken ill and we will have to reschedule to 16 April 2013; stay tuned for the exact time.

at As noted in this Journal Entry, I'll be on air tomorrow with One Radio Network discussing this Free Press case and why I am filing with the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). 

"......He also has ongoing litigation in the First Circuit Federal Court of Appeals against Senator Kelly Ayotte. It is primarily a Free-Press lawsuit with some racial undertones to it that started when Ms. Ayotte, a former NH State Attorney General, threatened to have him arrested at her publicly-advertised campaign events that were held on commercial property, with police paid for by the public. Present with Attorney Ayotte at two of these events were the infamous AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and U.S. Senator John McCain, who has a history of ejecting black reporters from his events. 

 What is truly fascinating about this case even more so than the outright facts is how the NH Federal Court and U.S. District Court whitewashed the entire thing so that it is virtually impossible to read what really happened.  Mr. King is here now to explain the case law and the importance of his journey toward the United States Supreme Court over this issue...."

09 April 2013

KingCast fights back against YouTube's arbitrary and capricious privacy policy that should not be applied to protect Revere, MA slumlord Gerry Leggiero.

OK so here's an update to the latest bullshit from YouTube: Just because someone appears in a YouTube video who doesn't want to be in it, they can make YouTube strike your video.... which is complete and utter bullshit, particularly when you are covering a  public court event, right. So what I did was, I went into the video and made some gross edits that addressed their purported concerns, and put it right back up there. 

Keep in mind that even though I am a YouTube partner there have been times when I could not post videos from my primary KingCast65 or Christopher King account, for no reason whatsoever.... in addition to the Supertramp fiasco (see more at Pink Floyd Network) in which I was twice cleared by the record company but still got my videos yanked from YouTube. The only reason I changed the video is that I just don't have time to litigate this shit but they are completely in violation of the Hudgens/Pruneyard analysis and I may one day come back and sue them, but right now I am too busy for their little games.

KingCast says "Goodnight, Chelone."

I am sad to report that tragedy has struck the Miller/Kenney family again.  I never knew Liko Kenney, but I did know Chelone Miller, and my observations of him three years ago remain the same in his passing. I wrote:

Speaking of rockets, I spoke with Davey last night and he says Chelone is on top of the snow boarding World, and I am happy for him, he's a great kid, animated and just a barrel of laughs..."

Check him out at Arbor's website. And here's Liko on YouTube talking about him in this 5/11/2009 post: "Cha-lone-eeeee...."

08 April 2013

KingCast welcomes Cintli Seattle Store #2 at Capitol Hill Broadway!

Scenes from last week's Cintli Capitol Hill Grand Opening gala. Beto Yarce invited KingCast to join in the Grand Opening of Cintli's second store, now featuring food and drink. His first area store remains at Seattle Pike Place Market. 

Cintli is a family-owned business that began in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1989, with the goal of promoting the centuries-old tradition of fine Mexican silver jewelry, while adding a contemporary flair and urban energy. Estiblished in Seattle in 2003 by two young Mexican entrepreneurs, Sergio Cueva and Beto Yarce, Cintli has quickly become known for unique sterling silver jewelry accented with wood, glass, natural stones, leather, suede, rubber and resin, and dried flowers. Brilliant stones in granny apple green, and vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red complete the stunning bracelets, pendants, earrings, hoops, studs, necklaces, chains, rings, and items of home d├ęcor. The first Cintli boutique was opened in Zapopan, outside Guadalajara. The name Cintli, in fact, refers to the mythological Zapopan Goddess of Corn. Her name is now a symbol of good luck to the two company principals, who are committed to transforming ancient art and culture into a dynamic artistic product.

KingCast says phone hecklers in Boston operate with impunity, including the jackass who calls from the "O'Connell" residence at 617.723.1918."

Every year or so I get  some knob job heckler calling in, and it is funny because they are brazen enough to call from a landline because they must feel that Boston PD will never do anything.  We will see about that when I again approach BPD about this...... but perhaps they are right, based on DA Dan Conley's attitude, LOL.... I can't wait to interview Dan Conley as he runs for Mayor, as soon as I return to the East Coast you got that right.

Anyway despite this guy's commentary I must mean a lot to him to make him call me at 7:57 a.m. EST, right. Well at least when I go to the police this time I can prove that the Commonwealth knows all about it, click the link below the fold to see that they opened the big thumbnail showing the landline address of this asshole.
Commonwealth Of Massachusetts (

06 April 2013

KingCast says Momiji Sushi Rocks, and Don't You Forget it!

I wasn't into doing any food pics last night but trust me the food is as beautiful (and tasty) as this Orchid.

Urban Spoon.
Momiji website.

05 April 2013

KingCast sees First Circuit Court of Appeals Dodge All Substantive Issues and Deny Oral Argument to Dismiss First Amendment Free Press Lawsuit of KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, 12-1891.

Patrick Meighan's Nashua Telegraph coverage.
This will be interesting. Again, exactly which elements of my Reply Brief were considered and which were not.... and which of my requests for Judicial Notice were accepted, i.e. the Nashua PD wrongful media arrests..... Do you realize the Court didn't even want to risk typing out my assignments of error.... because that would make the case more searchable.
To be discussed 11 April 9am on One Radio Network
Look how slippery the opinion is,
You wouldn't even know what the hell the case was even about!

By the way, they dropped this little bomb at the close of business on a Friday to keep it as quiet as possible, same old same old. 

As noted in my journal entry and video from last week, they came, they watched my movies about Landya B. McCafferty's forced recusal, and they ran away from the case, denying Oral Argument sua sponte. This is nothing new however because the Court did the exact same thing with Liko Kenney's Appeal. They did not want to have any pesky Oral Arguments to make the record or anything of the sort, nor did the Court's rote Decision delve into any of my cited Case Law or provide any analysis of anything, it was just a rubber stamp. Read it for yourselves, then read the real issues below, including the issue of whether or not having Nashua Police present on public time helps meet the threshold for whether an event is public. It is also interesting to note how vague the Court was when it wrote that it only considered portions of the Corrected Reply Brief that were relevant..... query, which portions were relevant? That will be a Question for my Motion for Clarification, you bet.

I will never forget the thrill and excitement of winning First Amendment Jury trials... something Kelly Ayotte has never done. Similarly, I will never forget getting into, and graduating from a top-50 law school, in this instance Case Western Reserve, same as Judge John J. McConnell, who heard the case after every single NH Judge recused themselves after I busted Judge McCafferty for not recusing herself. I was bright-eyed and busy-tailed and really believed that Courts were here to seriously contemplate thorny issues of Law and to protect the little people. But far too often they are no such thing. These Courts are put here to protect the wealthy, the powerful and the government. At least the Court had the decency not to assess costs against me, because it knows damn well that it should have at least heard Oral Arguments and pretended to care about this serious issue. Similarly, I even had reporters from the so-called alternative press such as the Sunlight Foundation call to interview me and then bail out, who knows if they took a payout or just got crushed by their editors. But then they have the nerve to ask me for money:

So now the Republicans -- and Democrats -- may publicly advertise campaign events for the entire media and general public, hold them at commercial venues and selectively threaten reporters they don't like with arrest, as long as the candidate is not a current incumbent. How's that for progress in the 21st Century!

On to SCOTUS we go.

KingCast Appellate Brief
KingCast Reply Brief