19 March 2013

KingCast visits Judge's chambers in CT Eldercare/Title XIX lawsuit of Shafer v. Bremby lawsuit 12-CV-00039.

Note: iPhone movie forthcoming. I ventured down to Hartford, CT yesterday on Ol' Yaller, checking on some tuning issues before spring hits here in New England (if that ever happens, right). My original purpose was to take my mother for a hand procedure to address her muscle spasms attendant to her Alzheimer's. But then several interesting things developed:

First, my old Hawken School friend and tennis pal and current FB friend David Feingold turned out to be the treating physician, so we got caught up a bit.

Second, he showed me how to upgrade my mother's wheelchair through a certain program that takes three (3) months because you have to work with the government, ahem. So now Mom and I will have matching Acidic Yellow hotrods, neat. She can still walk with assistance and will also maintain a regular wheelchair that she can paddle about in to maintain leg activity but for eating and lounging about this model will be much better for her posture.

Third, I decided that I would visit chambers of Judge Alvin Thompson, who has been issuing final pretrial orders but not yet addressing the Betty King Motion to Intervene or for Rule 11 Sanctions that I issued. I made it clear that I was not there for any sort of ex parte communications but that I was concerned because here we are with final pretrial matters being set by the Court and we're still left in the dark. I filed these because it is patently clear that DSS Commissioner Roderick Bremby and his staff and lawyers -- including CT AG George Jepsen -- completely lied when trying to claim that our Title XIX Application was not timely filed as of 15 December, 2011. Watch the movie and read everything in this journal page entry to see that case manager Diane Wood even admitted in July, 2012 that the problems were all on THEIR END.

Be that as it may, as we all recall, I was locked out of any and all court proceedings without explanation even though I am right and even though Connecticut law makes it clear that I am entitled to stand in her shoes as Power of Attorney and Attorney-in-Fact because of her incapacity.

Fourth, I am pretty sure that I opened the door on my way out for Judge Thompson's law clerk, Jennifer Sykes as pictured. Small World, indeed.

You see as I note in the iPhone movie I am certain I am pissing off a bunch of people but I don't care because I am not doing anything wrong. The Defendants, on the other hand, are doing plenty wrong. It's just up to the Court to do the Right Thing. I am told that an Opinion and Order should be going out soon, so stay tuned.

Note: Some folks were following and taking a keen interest in the Jennifer Sykes photo:

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