16 March 2013

KingCast says "Congratulations to Bojan Markovic and Sandy Chadee on their marriage!" .... now how will Child Law Guardian Rita Kaufman and bad dad Carlos Pena attempt to use this against them is the question.

As noted in my last journal entry on this matter, everyone knows that the child wants to be with his mother, and that the child thinks Rita Kaufman is stupid. I heard him say so myself. So as to why lesbian activist Judge Debra Silber got together with Carlos Pena's mother (also reportedly a lesbian activist) and Rita Kaufman to remove the child from a fit mother and award custody to a jailbird father who had to be ORDERED to pay for child support is anyone's guess. 

Is it all about the Title IV money or is it just reverse discrimination against a straight woman?

Because whatever it is, it isn't legal and it isn't fair. And when that child gets a little older he and I are going to be doing some serious KingCast videos and he's going to have some very damning things to say about all of these people.... that will be 8-10 years from now but they will be coming. In the meantime, video forthcoming.... and congrats guys it couldn't have happened to a nicer couple!

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