06 March 2013

KingCast replies to lame MassLawyersWeekly story on Judge Spencer Kagan and Jay Korff; fails to mention Kagan re-wrote prenup and was overruled.

Look who's here Johnny on the spot... the CommonStealth!

So ya think that an overrule might be some worthwhile information for a reporter to note, wouldn't you? I mean, given that the reporter had the time to mention Spencer Kagan's adverse rulings, the rule of completeness and editorial integrity require at least a quick follow up. But apparently not when a well-connected judge (who actually had pending complaints against him while nominated for the bench) stands to be embarrassed. And he hates to be embarrassed so he often asks Jay Korff to ask me to remove this information from my website and I politely say, "hell no."

My comment has not been approved yet but I don't give a damn. I've already screen-captured it so if they remove it I have proof of how they operate. On the other hand, should they leave it up I will congratulate them for allowing counterpoint. Here is the link I sent them.

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