29 March 2013

KingCast and Betty J. King Memorandum in Support of Robert B. Davis Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby Title XIX Medicaid Lawsuit, 12-CV-00039.

To comprehend the magnitude of this you need to read this journal entry with POTUS, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security checking me out and consider this:

The Court is totally jacking us around... no decisions on our Motion to Intervene or Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions or Motion to Strike Supervisor Affidavit in six months, now the trial is coming.... and the Defendant already admitted the processing delays were their fault and I showed it to the Court..... look at the goddamn 20 July 2012 email from case worker Diane Wood to Yours Truly..... there were more emails like that one that I don't have anymore because of the way that the State issues them they expire if you don't save them, but something told me to save that one.... anyway and now someone else moved to intervene so I supported their last minute application.... let's see what happens next on the road to KingCast Justice.....

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