08 March 2013

KingCast, Agents 86 and 99 and PayPal slam the oven door on "The Kitchen Deal" for Being an Internet Rip-Off Website.

We love to cook. We don't love to be ripped off by Internet scum like the Kitchen Deal, and we're sure the folks at Omega can appreciate that! Here are some links.
Two Peas in a Bucket.

These cats are Shady and criminal no doubt. My girlfriend's email to them followed by mine:

Nice try here, guys...everyone has you figured out. I will see to it that your business is SHUT DOWN. We are innocent consumers being delivered (if at all) STOLEN goods.  

If PayPal is who we all think they are, they will see to it that your highly fraudulent operation be shut down for good. This is disgusting. 

The Reviews on these sites say it ALL:



After a string of emails wondering where my package is which was supposedly coming from CA to be shipped to SEATTLE...I emailed to ask. I was told to "wait some days." Then when the status of my order changed to SHIPPED, I got on to track the package...this package was certainly not mine and was planned to go to NJ the entire time. It appears the NJ folks got whatever stolen item that got on to buy. I however, am left in the lurch with no package, money out of pocket and am just now reading all of these disturbing reviews about your terribly illegal operation. 

I want my money back and for you guys to stop taking advantage of innocent, honest folks. 

Dear Director of Services/Accounts Receivable manager:

Ms. Bronstein and I invested in what we believe to be a quality kitchen appliance from a reputable dealer. Thus far however we have been frustrated by a tracking number for the item that now shows a New Jersey delivery; we have received nothing.

Please notify us by close of business TODAY that the order has been shipped to her correct Seattle address.

As a former assistant attorney general I now investigate corporate and consumer fraud as noted with former State Rep Avard:

I truly hope that I am not about to embark on another mission here, and that this is all a bit of a mix up. As noted by Ms. Bronstein, a phone number would be appreciated to assuage my concerns in this area. And based on what I have now read on the Internet I have just cause for concern so either you tighten this up immediately or I am going to be doing some work here and notifying the appropriate regulatory and enforcement agencies.


Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Another one to watch is Nomorerack, these people are even bigger rip-off artists.

Anonymous said...

I hope that everything works out. I still think that you should take steps to notify the appropriate authorities.

Anonymous said...


thenjhomebuyer said...

Israelis has nothing to do with being a scam. Don't confuse by labels. All Jews are not in the same you have your ZIONIST and your regular JEWS large difference. Every race has there own downfall. Even though a lot of laws are pushed by a ZION PRO group by lobbiest should not confuse it at all

Anonymous said...

Focus people criminals are criminals and come in every shape size and color! These people need to be shut down and everyone that knows about them should push to have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Do your part, find out what you can and act aggressively to put them down.