01 February 2013

KingCast, Union Leader file Motions to Unseal Cody Eller post trial Laurie list activity; KingCast files Reply Brief in Kelly Ayotte/GOP/Nashua PD Free Press case.

12p update: This was golden. The Court was barking at Attorney Kaye for being too aggressive but then it came out that she DID NOT have all of the relevant information from the State regarding the Laurie list investigation. Prosecutors provided her only a summary, and it would not have come out if he had not continually pressed the matter, repeatedly asking to see the 20 Exhibits attached to the Report as previously provided to the Court. I notified that I will be filing a Motion to Unseal the entire shebang because no one can trust anything now. Union Leader's Nancy West seemed to support that notion, now I just hope the Big Brass joins in because I should not have to fight this fight alone. Here is the Nancy West Union Leader update noting that the State improperly withheld Laurie list information.

And keep in mind I still believe Cody Eller did something wrong that night. But that still doesn't give the State carte blanche in prosecuting him. It's like a guy said to me one day during Michael Isreal's trial, he walks up to me in Hamilton Ohio and said "Heck you're right Mr. King I was just reading this in the paper and I told my wife I don't care who's right or wrong that nigger's got to get a fair trial!"

And he did.
Up at 4am and on the move..... Now that's a busy day for most journos, but just a Day in the Life over here at KingCast. And OK I don't know whether the Union Leader is filing but I am....... so there's your disclaimer right up front, right. Could be a Dewey Defeats Truman kind of thing, LOL how funny is that, I just crack myself up! Anyway, after all, I did clearly implore them to do so...... and they have a professional and moral obligation as well. So I got up at 4am to get to Nashua to file this Motion. 

And before I wrote this Motion I wrote my Omnibus Reply Brief in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. I'm very proud of both of these First Amendment Filings, absolutely.

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Michael Holman said...

Keep at it CK, she is a liar, and she expects to get away with those kinds of perversions of justice....sadly, she is a lawyer.