03 February 2013

KingCast subjects in the News: Seattle Chef John Howie and Seahawks dominate NFL Kick Hunger Challenge; Artitudes West Newton appears on House Hunters, Brett Walberg jams out at Lily Pad.

Due to contractual matters I am not at liberty to show you the actual footage or movie from the day that House Hunters appeared at my friends' store, however I can show you the summer sale video, above, and not one but two (2) versions of the Chef John Howie/Craig Terrill Band auction at SPORT Restaurant that put them head and shoulders above all the rest. The Rock and Roll video is up top; here is the full video with Food Lifeline interviews.

To watch: The Superbowl, today, duh.
To watch: House Hunters Episode HNT-7202H, 7 Feb

To wait for: The documentary short for Brett Walberg.

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